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Enhance Hair and Skin Health During Menopause

    by: Olivier Felicio &  Dr. Franziska Weichmann, Manager of Scientific Communications and Product Development at Horphag Research. Hair loss during menopause can be a distressing...

Canadian BY’s Apitherapy Niagara Honey Surpasses Manuka Honey in Therapeutic Potency

    BY's Apitherapy and Wellness Center is the first Canadian clinical based Apitherapy facility dedicated to natural products and treatments from the Honey Bee. Bee...


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PURICA: Nature. Science. You.™

The world has changed a lot since then and a big part of that transformation over the past 55 years is in the way...
In Memoriam: David Holmes

In Memoriam: David Holmes

Pharmachem mourns the loss of a great entrepreneur, leader and philanthropist David Holmes, founder and president of Pharmachem Laboratories Inc., passed away on Monday, November...
Monfitello Inc.

Monfitello Inc.

By Ron Garant Specializing in the packaging of food products in tubes, Monfitello is the food division and sister company of Montebello Packaging, a leading...

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Dr Tris Trethart, MD

Dr Tris 30 years of integrative medicine and counting…   It is always a special thing when the IHP team has the privilege of showcasing a true...