Supercharging Health Brands Containing Superoxide Dismutase



Greenfilled is a Spanish wellness brand that offers a lean, mean line of targeted health supplements. Some help improve performance by using vitamin C to reduce fatigue and recovery time.

Others use ashwagandha and ginseng for an energy boost. Still others use foods like ginkgo biloba and bacopa monniera to support memory and fight brain fog.

However, regardless of symptoms or product focus, all Greenfilled supplements rely primarily on one key ingredient: TetraSOD®.

Enrique Castaño, Chief Operating Officer of Greenfilled, explained: “TetraSOD® is the fundamental building block we use to reinvigorate a healthy lifestyle from the inside out at the cellular level, and it is an important link between the ocean and fundamental human health. In relationship to life are marine phytoplankton.”

TetraSOD® is a superoxide dismutase, commonly known as SOD. SOD is an essential enzyme in the antioxidant pathway. This makes it the premier defense against oxidative stress – which can affect overall health, aging and many other symptoms that Greenfilled products can help alleviate.

Thanks to an innovative commercial cultivation method, Greenfilled TetraSOD® contains a high effective dose of SOD. This is done in high-quality land-based facilities where microplankton are grown in situ, fed nitrogen and ‘pressurized’ with oxygen to increase their SOD production. This ensures that no plankton in its products comes directly from the ocean – which plays a key role in the ecosystem.


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