Loblaw on Track to Open 40 New Stores in 2024

Loblaw's Ambitious Expansion: Affordable Groceries for Canadians


Loblaw Companies Ltd. continues to make waves in the Canadian grocery market with the recent opening of its 16th new location this year, a unique small-format No Frills store. This milestone is part of an ambitious plan to open 40 new stores in 2024 and convert dozens more, predominantly focusing on expanding its hard-discount formats like No Frills and Maxi. As Canadians increasingly seek ways to save on groceries, Loblaw’s commitment to affordability and value resonates strongly with consumers.

“As a Canadian company, our purpose is to help our colleagues and customers live life well, and when it comes to groceries, the best way we can do that is by making good food affordable,” said Richard Dufresne, Chief Financial Officer, Loblaw. This statement underscores Loblaw’s mission to provide significant value to customers through lower prices and a price match guarantee. The company’s strategy to build new stores and convert existing ones into hard-discount formats is a direct response to the growing demand for affordable groceries in underserviced areas across Canada.

Recent Store Openings and Conversions
Over the past few months, Loblaw has been busy. The company has built and opened 9 new stores and converted 7 others, bringing the total to 16 new locations this year alone. These conversions primarily focus on the Maxi and No Frills brands, which are known for their competitive pricing and value offerings. By expanding these formats, Loblaw aims to help Canadians reduce their grocery bills while ensuring access to quality food.

The new store openings are part of a larger announcement made in February, where Loblaw committed to a capital investment of over $2 billion into the Canadian economy in 2024. This substantial investment is expected to create more than 7,500 jobs across Canada, solidifying Loblaw’s role as a significant contributor to the nation’s economic growth. The company’s ongoing investments not only support job creation but also enhance the overall shopping experience for consumers by introducing modern, efficient, and customer-friendly store environments.

Meeting Community Needs
Richard Dufresne highlighted the importance of serving underserviced areas, stating, “We know there are a lot of underserviced areas in this country looking for discount grocers who can bring prices down for the community. These new stores, and our increased investment in the hard-discount format, is the next step in our ongoing commitment to delivering the best possible value.” This focus on community needs reflects Loblaw’s dedication to being more than just a grocery retailer; it positions the company as a community partner striving to make a positive impact on Canadians’ lives.

Loblaw’s expansion is not only about increasing the number of stores but also about creating jobs and opportunities for Canadians. The projected creation of 7,500 jobs with the new store openings and conversions is a testament to Loblaw’s commitment to supporting local economies. These new positions will span various roles, from in-store staff to management and logistics, providing a wide range of employment opportunities for Canadians.

Future Outlook
As Loblaw continues its expansion, the focus remains on affordability and accessibility. The company’s hard-discount formats, No Frills and Maxi, are poised to play a crucial role in meeting the needs of budget-conscious shoppers. With plans to open 40 new stores and convert dozens more, Loblaw is well on its way to reinforcing its position as a leading grocery retailer in Canada.

Loblaw’s strategic vision extends beyond just opening new stores. The company is also investing in technology and innovation to improve the shopping experience. From enhancing e-commerce capabilities to implementing more efficient supply chain solutions, Loblaw is committed to staying ahead of market trends and consumer expectations. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Loblaw remains competitive and continues to deliver value to its customers.

Supporting the Canadian Economy
Loblaw’s $2 billion investment is a significant boost to the Canadian economy. By creating thousands of jobs and supporting local communities, the company is playing a pivotal role in Canada’s economic recovery and growth. This investment also underscores Loblaw’s confidence in the Canadian market and its long-term commitment to serving Canadian consumers.

Customer-Centric Approach
At the heart of Loblaw’s expansion strategy is a customer-centric approach. The company’s focus on providing affordable groceries through its No Frills and Maxi formats is a direct response to consumer demand. By understanding and addressing the needs of its customers, Loblaw ensures that it remains relevant and valuable in an increasingly competitive market.

Loblaw is also committed to environmental and social responsibility. The company continues to invest in sustainable practices, such as reducing plastic waste, sourcing responsibly, and supporting local farmers. These initiatives not only benefit the environment but also resonate with consumers who are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchasing decisions.

Loblaw Companies Ltd. is making significant strides in the Canadian grocery market with its ambitious expansion plans. The opening of its 16th new store this year, along with plans to open 40 new stores and convert dozens more in 2024, highlights the company’s commitment to affordability, value, and community support. With a substantial investment in the Canadian economy and a focus on meeting the needs of underserved areas, Loblaw is well-positioned to continue its growth and make a positive impact on Canadians’ lives.


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