CEO at Protein Industries Canada at COP27



CEO at Protein Industries Canada at COP27 on agricultural innovation, climate change and food security

If you had told me four years ago, when I became CEO of Protein Industries Canada, that I would ever participate in COP, I wouldn’t have believed you. How would a farm kid from Bruno, Saskatchewan, end up at a UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt?

The answer might have something to do with being a farm kid.

This year at COP, there is a Food and Agriculture Pavilion for the first time ever. This is significant in recognizing that agrifood systems are key to reaching our climate goals.

As that farm kid from Saskatchewan, I have been involved in agriculture my entire life. I understand that the success of our food systems is rooted in primary production and that climate change is impacting our ability to grow and transport food. I also know firsthand the commitment to the environment farmers have. In Canada, our sector is driven by innovation and the adoption of new.


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