Metro and Too Good To Go’s Pioneering Partnership Fuels Savings and Sustainability for Quebecers

A Sustainable Shift: How Quebecers Are Saving on Groceries While Fighting Food Waste


Metro and Too Good To Go app is setting a new standard in Quebec’s consumer market. This collaboration not only promises to put a dent in the pressing issue of food waste but also offers Quebecers a savvy way to economize on their grocery bills.

Reducing Food Waste

With startling statistics from Recyc-Québec highlighting that 1.2 million tonnes of edible food are wasted annually in Quebec—45% of which comprises fruits and vegetables—there’s a clear and urgent need for change. Metro and Too Good To Go have risen to the challenge, presenting a simple yet effective solution to this burgeoning problem. Their strategy empowers consumers to be part of the solution, offering them an opportunity to rescue surplus yet perfectly consumable fruits and vegetables through the Too Good To Go app.

Surprise Assortments: Your Gain, Earth’s Relief

The initiative allows customers to reserve surprise assortments of the day’s unsold produce for a mere $7.99—a fraction of the retail value pegged at $24. This innovative approach not only affords Quebecers substantial savings but also contributes significantly to the reduction of food waste. Richard Pruneau, Senior Vice President at Metro, underscores the initiative’s value, noting that it complements other efforts by Metro to minimize food wastage and offers customers a novel way to save.

Expanding the Impact

Following the success of this program in Ontario, with around a hundred Metro stores participating since 2022, the partnership took a significant leap forward. After a successful pilot in Quebec last November, the initiative expanded to 93 stores across 13 regions, with plans to include more stores in the near future. Andrea Li, National Director of Too Good To Go Canada, expressed pride in this collaboration, emphasizing its role in amplifying efforts to combat food waste and make a tangible difference in the community.

Metro’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its partnership with Too Good To Go. Through various initiatives, including a price reduction program for products nearing expiry and the One More Bite program, which redistributes unsold goods to those in need, Metro is at the forefront of the fight against food waste. In 2023 alone, approximately 4 million kilograms of food were salvaged and redistributed, underscoring Metro’s dedication to both sustainability and community welfare.

This partnership is more than a win-win for Quebecers seeking to save on their groceries; it’s a testament to what innovative thinking and responsible business practices can achieve. By marrying economic savings with environmental stewardship, Metro and Too Good To Go are leading by example, showing how businesses can play a crucial role in addressing critical societal issues. As this initiative gains momentum, it’s poised to set a new benchmark for sustainability in the retail sector, offering a blueprint for others to follow. In doing so, it not only contributes to a greener planet but also fosters a more economically resilient and conscientious consumer base in Quebec.


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