Healthy Planet Crowned Organic Retailer of the Year ny The COTA

Healthy Planet: Leading the Way in Organic Retail Excellence

In an illustrious event that shines a spotlight on the trailblazers of the organic sector, Healthy Planet has been distinguished as the Organic Retailer of the Year by the Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA). This accolade is part of the COTA’s annual Organic Leadership Awards and evening gala, a ceremony dedicated to celebrating the visionaries and pioneers who drive the organic industry forward.
Monica Walker, expressed her gratitude and pride over this esteemed recognition. “Receiving this award from the Canada Organic Trade Association is a true honor. It symbolizes the relentless effort and dedication of our team towards offering top-notch organic products to our customers, fostering innovation along the way,” Walker commented.

Expanding Horizons: Healthy Planet’s Growth and Community Support

Healthy Planet’s trajectory of growth in Ontario reflects its unwavering commitment to the community and adherence to organic principles. With 35 outlets and an expansion plan that includes six additional stores in 2024, including an eagerly awaited branch in Etobicoke last March, Healthy Planet is rapidly increasing its footprint. The stores boast a handpicked selection of products ranging from vitamins and supplements to organic food items and natural beauty products. The presence of in-store nutritionists who provide tailored advice underscores Healthy Planet’s dedication to individual health and wellness.

Honoring Innovation and Leadership in the Organic Sector

The COTA gala served as a platform to acknowledge the accomplishments within the organic domain, paying tribute to individuals and entities driving innovation and growth. Tia Loftsgard, COTA’s executive director, reflected on the significance of the event, “Celebrating the remarkable individuals who have significantly contributed to advancing the organic sector is a highlight for us each year. Their tireless commitment and achievements inspire us all.”

Inspiration for the Future

This year’s COTA Organic Gala and Leadership Awards not only commemorated the progress in the organic sector but also underscored the collective commitment to fostering a healthier planet and society. Through their dedication and innovation, the honorees serve as beacons for the organic movement, inspiring others to contribute to a sustainable and equitable future.


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