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Aubrey Cares

Aubrey Cares

Great ingredients have always been at the heart of everything Aubrey does. Here’s what else has contributed to their ongoing success over nearly half a decade. 

Great ingredients make great products. This is the message at the heart of everything Aubrey does. “Why use a petrochemical ingredient when a natural, plant-base ingredient works so much better?” asks Curt Valva, CEO and president.

Aubrey has thrived for 46 years as a business by providing all-natural, safe and effective personal care products to the consumer. “We offer a true and authentic alternative to many of the mass produced synthetic products on the market today,” says Valva. “We craft the highest quality natural products without compromise as to ingredients, packaging
or cost.”

The company believes that we are all citizens of the world and should, therefore, accept the responsibilities that accompany that. “We work with farm communities, suppliers and businesses from around the world,” says Valva. “Whether sponsoring organic agriculture in Honduras, overseeing the development of herbs in Japan, or explaining the importance of organic farming techniques in Ghana, our commitment to people and to the earth is profound.”

Quality and Purity Reign

Aubrey’s commitment to making pure, wholesome, petrochemical-free products runs deep. Since the founder’s passing in 2011, the company has continued to stay true to his mission of clean, all-natural ingredients and purity in manufacturing. Before taking over as CEO and President of Aubrey Organics, Inc., Curt Valva worked closely with Aubrey for more than 12 years, sourcing natural and/or organic ingredients from all over the world. 

A well-trained staff of over 50 employees with an impeccable work ethic is also a key component. From research and development in the lab, to the mixing of the products (always by hand, in small batches of 50 gallons or less to guarantee freshness), to the packaging process (using recyclable plastic bottles and boxes made with as much recycled materials as possible), Aubrey’s employees continue to make sure the Aubrey name remains synonymous with quality and purity.

Product Development

Any new formulations are shaped by Aubrey Hampton’s vision, blending centuries’ old herbal traditions and new science. It all begins with extensive study in the lab. Recently Aubrey spent the better part of two years researching new ingredients and developing the products that make up their new skin care line. As a result, the line now features over a dozen tested (on human subjects—Aubrey never tests on animals) and clinically proven new ingredients, in addition to the herbal and plant extracts they’ve been using for years. Following in Aubrey Hampton’s footsteps, the company is committed to utilizing the latest technologies while remaining true to their core philosophy that natural is always best.

To bring these ideas – new and old – to the next generation of retailers, the company will rely on education and transparency. “Part of our core purpose is to provide retailers with as much information about our products as possible,” says Valva. That will happen through printed materials like brochures, sales manuals, and Aubrey’s INCI Dictionary of Natural Ingredients. Social media and the extensive educational section on the company website will also play a huge role. “We believe if we provide both retailers and consumers with valuable information, they will be able to make an educated purchasing decision,” says Valva. “We believe they will choose Aubrey.”

Aubrey also believes that giving their products a fresh, contemporary look will make them stand out on store shelves. “Our new packaging is designed to reach out to a new generation of retailers and consumers and keep our brand relevant in the marketplace,” says Valva.

How would the Canadian market be approached?

Canada is a very unique market, different from other markets worldwide. “It is a culture based on ethics and morals, where deals can still be made on a handshake,” says Valva. “There are some obvious differences, pertaining to climate and geographic challenges, however, we try to reach each and every customer personally.”

Aubrey has sold their products in Canada for more than 30 years, so they are very familiar with the diversity of the Canadian market. In addition, Valva lived and worked in Canada for many years. “We know Canadian customers are very concerned with quality products and the specific functions of ingredients,” says Valva. “They are smart, educated consumers willing to invest in their personal health and well-being. We try to match our strengths to each customer on a personal basis by offering a premium quality product using only the best certified natural and/or organic ingredients possible.”

Aubrey’s primary reach is coordinated between their distribution partners (Purity Life), the store groups and the Canadian consumer at large. They are planning an extensive advertising campaign, with ads in consumer and retailer publications throughout Canada. They also attend and have a strong presence in Canadian natural product trade shows, with sample giveaways, product demonstrations and show deals.

As mentioned earlier, social media plays an important role in Aubrey’s promotional strategy. The marketing team regularly sends out notifications and updates through Facebook and Twitter to get digital consumers excited about Aubrey products. Aubrey also has a long list of faithful customers who subscribe to their monthly email blasts, which feature updates and special deals on new and existing products.

Lastly, they provide sample packets of many of their new products for stores. This gives customers and retailers risk-free trials of exciting new products, such as their new skin care line.

“Ultimately, we believe the best accomplishment of a successful organization is to make the world a little better, a little cleaner, a little brighter than we found it,” says Valva. Consumers can see the authenticity in Aubrey and that alone helps when they’re making their purchasing decisions.


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