New Canadian NatureCo supplements brand revolutionizing health sector

New Canadian NatureCo supplements brand revolutionizing health sector

The new NatureCo supplements line, a brand of healthy natural supplements, certified and approved by Health Canada, is revolutionizing the health sector.

MONTREAL, Dec. 3, 2018,/CNW– With the arrival of the all-new NatureCo line of products, a brand entirely conceptualized and produced within the Montreal area, natural health products are elevated to new heights. Available online across North America, NatureCo’s range of products is designed to improve common health issues, such as joint pain, lack of energy, excess weight, and sexual dysfunction, by offering sound alternatives to prescriptions.

100 % Natural Solutions
Founded on values that promote innovation, this line of products stands out for its avant-garde qualities, offering instant solutions that are 100% natural. Whether pertaining to the development of muscle mass, the improvement of male sexual performance, or the relief of joint pain, back pain, arthritis, or sports injuries, Frédéric Ettedgui, vice-president of NatureCo, wants to redefine overall health, by proving that there are healthy and effective alternatives for preventing and reducing the risks of certain common diseases or injuries.

A New Experience

As a company dedicated to offering innovative natural health products by raising quality standards, NatureCo puts forward a new experience within the field of natural supplements for savvy consumers. Following a structure based on expedited shipping, advanced customer service, and various launches planned over the next two years, the team strives to reinvent the research, design, and production of natural health products, which offers effective and indisputable results. For more information, please visit

About NatureCo

NatureCo embarked on the path of natural therapies advocating a global definition of health over 40 years ago. Established by Daniel Ettedgui, founder and former president of Suisse Laboratories as well as creator of “Swical Energy” a must-have in the domain of natural health products, NatureCo combines well-known practices with modern approaches in the field of natural health. By concentrating most of its activities online, NatureCo revolutionizes the health sector by implementing new and evolved approaches, unexplored within typical pharmaceutical programs. Such a unique approach, superior methods of quality control, as well as its innovative nature makes NatureCo a leading player within its field of expertise.


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