Canadian Health Food Trends for 2024


The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) unveiled its eagerly awaited trend report at the CHFA NOW Toronto event last weekend. This pivotal gathering attracted over 8,000 leaders in natural health and wellness, all eager to explore the newest innovations in natural health, organic food, wholesome snacks, clean beauty, healthy home, and lifestyle.

Unveiling Consumer Insights & Trends for Fall and Winter

The annual conference and trade show were brimming with insights into Canadian consumer behavior and the go-to trends that will influence the products appearing on shelves this fall and winter.

Aaron Skelton, CHFA President and CEO, expressed his pride in bringing more than 1,000 better-for-you brands to Toronto. “The Canadian market’s momentum for these brands is escalating, with many emerging brands receiving their big break at our event,” shared Skelton.

Spotlight on Four Emerging Trends

After extensively exploring Canada’s largest trade show for all things natural, organic, and wellness, four trends stood out, poised to make a significant impact at retailers across Canada in 2024.

  1. Cafe Culture Comes Home: With a global daily consumption of approximately two billion cups of coffee, Canadians are increasingly enjoying their coffee at home. This post-pandemic trend sees a rise in home-based latte-making and specialty café drink enjoyment. Brands now offer Canadians a variety of plant-based and one-step options for a personalized barista experience, including frothed oat lattes and gourmet matcha lattes, ready in seconds.Products Spotted: Sproos Super Matcha Latte, Two Bears’ Frothed Oat Latte, Say When Beverages’ Chai Concentrate, Freezeochino, and Minor Figures Oat Chai Latte.
  2. Rooted in Nature – The Arrival of Clean Hair Care: Say goodbye to fillers and harsh ingredients. The enduring trend is natural hair care that extends beyond shampoos and conditioners. With a significant focus on overall hair health this year, Canadians are opting for gentler formulations, herbal growth supplements, and environmentally friendly functional products.Products Spotted: Pacifica Beauty’s Collagen Mask, Routine’s Dirty Hipster Shampoo, Jusu’s Natural Hair Putty, Herbaland’s Biotin Beauty Gummies, and Hello Joyous’ Dry Shampoo.
  3. The Mighty Oat Expands Beyond Milk: Oats have evolved over the past decade from being a simple dairy-free milk substitute to a culinary trend and key ingredient in various food products, ushering in a new wave of plant-based dairy options ranging from oat butter to oat ice cream.Products Spotted: Mylko’s Maple Oat Butt’r, Miyoko’s Oat Milk Butter, Beyond Moo’s Oatgurt, and Oat & Mill Ice Cream.
  4. Ocean Ingredients Making Waves: Ocean-derived ingredients are making a splash as Canadians explore new flavors. From supplements to hair care to snacks, brands are leveraging nutrient-dense ingredients like seaweed and sea moss. With a reported 65% increase in products featuring seaweed as a key ingredient over the last five years, consumers are becoming more aware of their health benefits and lower environmental impact.Products Spotted: Seed to Surf Plant-based Canned Fish, Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Products, and Sea Tales’ Tinned Sardines.


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