Crowd Funder to kickstart the UK’s first online vegan marketplace for certified vegan cosmetic and fashion



For Vegans its incredibly difficult to shop vegan products and be assured that they’re certified vegan, without searching endlessly all over google and carrying out extensive ingredient research. Chloe Taylor, 22, CEO & Founder of the startup brand UNEARTHED.CO, from Stourbridge, West Midlands, has created an online marketplace to make shopping certified vegan cosmetics and fashion much easier, faster & more enjoyable for fellow vegans. will only house brands that are vegan certified and affordable, to assure customers that they will have no nasty surprises when the product is in their hands, as well as to prove that a vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive, products listed on site are below £100. The brand is targeted towards millennials of all genders and prides itself on its inclusivity. Disrupting vegan stereotypes, is for everyone: race, size, gender, whether you’re vegan or not. It does not discriminate, it instead acts as an online destination that serves and unites people with the core interest of shopping more ethically. A Crowd funder for is currently running on to raise a capital of £30,000 to ensure can launch in January 2021 (Veganuary) and the brand can put substantial spend in marketing to build its awareness and help as many people as possible shop more consciously.

[Chloe Taylor] [CEO & Founder] said: “The vegan market is only going to grow going forward, as people become more conscious of climate change and the impact agriculture has on that. Its important brands do their best to inform people how much their shopping decisions can play a role in that. Whilst there are competitors occupying this space currently, I’ve seen none of them offer affordable vegan brands that are deemed fashionable, for all genders, with sizes ranging up to 6XXL that are under £100. To make a change a vegan lifestyle needs to be viewed as accessible, and that’s exactly what we plan to do by launching”


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