Wal-Mart braces for competitive holiday season

Wal-Mart takes up animal activism motivated by customer reviews

Wal-Mart U.S. CEO Greg Foran announced at a Black Friday preview event last week that the retilaer is optimistic about the sales to come for the upcoming holiday season. Wal-Mart also announced it will be matching rivals on Black Friday deals. As for the holiday season in general, the priority will be to keep the merchandise supply up and focus on customer service.

“We’re really serious about looking after our customers, and not just talking about it,” Foran told Supermarket News. “It’s always been a part of our DNA, but let’s do more than just lean into it. Let’s obsess with making sure that customers who shop at Walmart really do get fantastic service and are well looked after.” He mentioned customers expressing the need for more cash registers to be opened in order to get a faster checkout experience. “Well guess what – we’re going to open more registers this year than ever,” he said.


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