Vitamin B3 helps to treat preeclampsia


Researchers out of Japan and the US have found that vitamin B3 (or nicotinamide) may help to treat preeclampsia in pregnant women. This is because it works to prevent strokes and also stimulate fetal growth.

This potentially fatal disease affects up to eight per cent of pregnant women. Characterized by high blood pressure, blood vessel damage, high levels of protein in the urine and fluid retention, preeclampsia is also believed to restrict a fetus’ growth.

Currently, the only treatment for this issue has been delivery of the baby. However, the new study found vitamin B3 to relieve preeclampsia in mouse models.

Researchers concluded that nicotinamide is the first safe drug that lowers blood pressure, reduces urine protein and alleviates blood vessel damage in preeclampsia-affected mice. Additionally, they demonstrated that in many cases, nicotinamide also prevents miscarriage, prolongs pregnancy period and improves the growth of the babies in mice with preeclampsia.

The team hopes that if found to work in humans, nicotinamide could help treat preeclampsia and prevent fetal growth restriction associated with the disease in pregnant women.


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