Treatment for Natural Skin and Health Support

Treatment for Natural Skin and Health Support

Effective Treatment for Many Conditions

Herpanacine Skin Support is life changing and my whole family is proof—clear skin, powerful immune support and much more!

Over two decades ago, I suffered from painful canker sores monthly, during my menstrual cycle. They were so bad that I carried a bottle of anesthetic with me to numb the eye-watering pain. Then I started Herpanacine and my life changed. Beyond finding my skin looked flawless and my immune system was strong, I also stopped dealing with the horrible pain of canker sores. Twenty-five years later, I still take Herpanacine every day.

A few years after my success with Herpanacine, I started dating my husband, who had battled cystic acne on his back and shoulders since his teenage years. I talked him into trying Herpanacine. It took about five months for him to be completely clear, but thanks to Herpanacine, my then-boyfriend, now- husband, can proudly go shirtless at the beach, acne free!

Before sending our son to pre-school, I wanted to make sure he stayed healthy and wouldn’t get sick all the time, which my friends with kids said was a huge problem. I started him on Herpanacine’s kids dose. It worked wonderfully and I found that while the other toddlers had runny noses, my kid was staying healthy! Now fifteen, an excellent added benefit to his continual daily use of Herpanacine is that he remains the only kid in his class who has never had an issue with acne. Parents stop me all the time asking how he has escaped from pimples!

My daughter first broke out in severe eczema when she was just three. The pediatrician recommended steroid cream which I never would have put on her. So instead, we took a safe, natural route with her too. I immediately started opening capsules of Herpanacine and mixing them in her juice, organic chocolate milk, yogurt, etc. Within five weeks she was completely clear. Now twelve, she still takes Herpanacine every day, remains eczema free, healthy and like her brother—free from acne too!

Never could I have imagined, that a vitamin supplement named Herpanacine would have such a profound effect on my entire family. We are eternally grateful to Herpanacine Skin Support and Dr. Wayne Diamond for helping us stay clear and healthy…naturally.


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