Supplement Degradation: SYNEVIT®’s Breakthrough in Pharmaceutical-Grade Packaging


SYNEVIT® Leads with Innovative Packaging for Extended Supplement Potency

In the realm of health and wellness, SYNEVIT® is redefining standards with its pioneering approach to supplement preservation. Recognizing the pivotal role of maintaining dosage integrity and potency, SYNEVIT® guarantees that its customers consistently receive the full spectrum of nutritional benefits from its products.

The degradation of active ingredients in supplements is a significant concern in the nutraceutical industry, often caused by environmental factors such as heat, humidity, exposure to sunlight, and air. Studies have shown alarming rates of nutrient loss, including a rapid decline in vitamin C levels by up to 50% within a month under certain conditions. Addressing this challenge head-on, SYNEVIT® employs cutting-edge pharmaceutical-grade blister packaging for its high-quality nutraceuticals, setting a new benchmark in the sector.

George Cvetkovski, the founder and driving force behind SYNEVIT®, emphasizes the dual advantages of their packaging solution. “Our blister packaging is not just user-friendly for those with active lifestyles; it’s a strategic choice to significantly reduce oxidation. This approach effectively slows down the degradation of our ingredients, ensuring our products maintain their therapeutic effectiveness for three to four years, far surpassing the shelf-life of similar products in standard packaging.”

This innovative packaging technology enables SYNEVIT® to offer supplements in precise, calculated doses. This is particularly important in an industry where overcompensation for nutrient degradation is common, leading to unnecessarily high doses of vitamins like C and folic acid, which can have undesirable side effects. SYNEVIT®’s method ensures optimal daily nutrient intake and maintains product integrity over time.

Cvetkovski highlights the importance of accurate dosing. “In recent times, such as during the pandemic, we’ve seen excessive consumption of nutrients like zinc, well beyond recommended levels. Our objective is to provide supplements that retain their declared strength, eliminating the risk of overdosing and ensuring dependable, long-lasting nutritional support.”

SYNEVIT®’s dedication to quality and innovation in supplement packaging not only elevates industry standards but also offers consumers the assurance of receiving the maximum health benefits from their nutritional supplements. This commitment positions SYNEVIT® at the forefront of the health supplement industry, championing both product efficacy and consumer well-being.


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