Sun Protection in a Pill

"Inner Glow Vitamins" Introduces Line of Precisely Formulated and Dermatologist-Tested, Anti-Aging Supplements to Protect Skin From the Sun



Inner Glow includes a carefully selected blend of powerful, safe, and effective ingredients that bridge the gap between allopathic and naturopathic approaches to skin protection. Inner Glow was developed and tested by board-certified, award-winning dermatologist Dr. Noreen Galaria in partnership with a renowned plastic surgeon educator – both having treated thousands of patients, many with skin cancers from sun exposure. Inner Glow is available in two specifically engineered formulas: Age Defense, and Hair/Skin/Nails.


Sunscreen Protection From Within

“Inner Glow is the result of our quest to provide high-quality products to follow-up on our patients’ various skin treatments,” said Dr. Galaria. “Rather than give them a list of natural supplements they should be looking for, we developed a proprietary mix that has it all. Every element we use in Inner Glow is scientifically tested and proven to be effective, and no other single product on the market can achieve the results of our supplements. Each ingredient has a long history of use in the industry, but we’ve enhanced their natural utility by adding other elements like polypodium to act as an internal sunscreen. And up to 72% of our patients who use Inner Glow have also reported a marked increase in their energy levels, due to the purity of our antioxidants.”

Inner Glow’s Age Defense is a blend of vitamins and other natural constituents that act as a supercharged, antioxidant fortifier to help compensate for the incomplete protection afforded by most topical sunscreens that must be reapplied, over and over again. Age Defense actually slows the signs of ageing from the inside/out, using the proven power of antioxidants, both pre and probiotics, as well as a variety of omega-3s. Developed for daily skin maintenance and protection, Inner Glow uses:

  • Natural Anti-oxidants and Anti-inflammatories: These protect the skin by allowing it to repair itself and correct visible damage, to retain a youthful look for longer. Inner Glow contains specific percentages of turmeric, green tea, fish oil, ginger, grapeseed extract, and blueberries for maximum effect.
  • Polypodium and PycnogenolPolypodium helps prevent damage to skin cells from the constant bombardment of UV sunlight, while also improving inflammatory responses to sun exposure. Pycnogenol is sourced from special tree bark and helps the body generate collagen and hyaluronic acid, protecting skin from UV exposure while also helping to prevent melasma (dark, discoloured skin patches).

“I am extremely proud of the resulting synergy we’ve achieved,” Dr. Galaria said. “It’s far more powerful than taking any one or two of these supplements alone, not to mention how incredibly convenient this is for our patients. That’s why Inner Glow is already being recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgery clinics across the nation.”


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