Sprouts Farmers Market Steps Up for Female Athletes with Fresh NIL Deals

Celebrating Women's Athletic Achievements with Sprouts

Cameron Brink, the Pac-12 Conference's Women's Basketball Player of the Year.
Sprouts Farmers Market is making headlines for all the right reasons.
They’ve just rolled out eight new Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals with some incredibly talented female collegiate athletes. It’s a big deal, not just for the athletes, but for all of us who believe in supporting and celebrating women’s sports.

Sprouts isn’t new to this arena. They’ve been champions of women’s athletics for a while now, having inked over 150 NIL deals with female athletes to date. Remember their 50th anniversary celebration of Title IX back in 2022? They marked it with 50 NIL sponsorships for female athletes in the Pac-12 and Big 12 conferences. And they didn’t stop there. In 2023, they added over 45 partnerships with college athletes to their roster. That’s commitment.

Alisa Gmelich, the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Sprouts, shared her excitement about these new partnerships. She said, “We’re all in on supporting these amazing female athletes. It’s not just about sponsorships; it’s about empowering these women and opening up more opportunities for them in athletics.” It’s clear Sprouts is playing for keeps.

Sprouts’ support goes beyond just writing checks. They’re all about empowering women both on the field and off, making sure they have access to healthy food choices and creating meaningful partnerships with athletes and organizations that matter.

Cameron Brink, a powerhouse on the basketball court, snagged the Pac-12 Conference’s Women’s Basketball Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year titles.
Hailey Merchant, who’s not just flipping and tumbling in gymnastics but also acing her academics, landing on the All-Conference Scholastic Team twice.
Jordan Bowers, a gymnastics dynamo with five NCAA All-American titles and two national championships under her belt.
Lauren Gustin, who dominated the basketball courts with her rebounding prowess, leading the country in rebounds and defensive rebounds per game.
Logan Cole, who showed her versatility in softball, playing multiple positions and notching multiple hits in several games.
Brooke Donabedian, a gymnast who’s floored everyone (pun intended) with her record-setting floor routine scores.
Sarah Sylvester, a trailblazer playing both volleyball and women’s basketball at the varsity level – a first in her school’s history.

Alyssa Washington, a softball standout who’s been turning heads since her freshman year, earning spots on the All-Big 12 Freshman and Second teams.
These deals are more than just sponsorships; they’re a testament to Sprouts’ belief in the power and potential of female athletes. By backing these women, Sprouts is not just investing in their futures but also inspiring the next generation of female athletes to aim high and dream big. Here’s to hoping more companies follow in their footsteps, because when it comes to supporting women in sports, we’re all on the same team.


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