Pipe up with Nature’s Path

Pipe up with Nature’s Path

Nature’s Path Foods, North America’s largest organic breakfast food company, is turning off its worldwide website, and replacing it with a message for urgent change.

The goal is to voice its opposition to the proposed pipeline expansion in western Canada, and to raise awareness for the importance of investing in infrastructure to support a low-carbon economy. The company wants to urge the government and welcome all to join them on the path forward to renewable energy.

“We believe businesses can be a force of good and have a critical role today to drive our future towards a low-carbon economy,” said Jyoti Stephens, Nature’s Path VP of People, Culture and Mission, and second generation of the family-owned company. “Unless we pipe up and collectively push for change, the planet we love remains at risk. We are asking people to help raise awareness for the need for renewable energy and petition the federal government to say no to the proposed pipeline expansion.”

Nature’s Path believes access to clean water and food free of contaminants is a basic human right, and the future of humanity depends on alternative solutions to fossil fuels. The proposed pipeline expansion means a seven-fold increase in coast-to-port tanker traffic in Vancouver, increasing the risk of an oil spill disrupting sensitive aquatic and animal habitats plus B.C.’s coastline, while leaks along the pipeline path can contaminate farmland impacting food production and the livelihood of many.

Nature’s Path has a long and proud history of doing what we believe is right for the planet,” added Stephens. “We believe the expanded pipeline deepens our dependency on fossil fuels and further contributes to climate change, plus it presents an increased risk of a catastrophic leak impacting the health of our precious agriculture land and water systems.”

Nature’s Path operates with a commitment to sustainability and the goal to be climate neutral by 2020. The company’s path to contribute to a future low-carbon economy ranges from supporting green energy projects throughout North America by purchasing renewable energy credits, to using all organic ingredients in its products preventing over 19,000 tons of synthetic fertilizers from being used on farmland over the past two years alone. Every one of the company’s manufacturing plants are zero waste certified, and Nature’s Path was the first cereal company in North America to receive this designation in 2016.

People can visit NaturesPath.com to help raise awareness for renewable energy by downloading call-to-action artwork created by BC artists to share on their social channels (#pipeup), and to sign a petition asking the Canadian government to walk away from investment into fossil fuels and rather, invest in renewable energy to help solve climate change.


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