New Study Results with Magnesium Supplement Helps Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep




Natural Vitality CALM, a leading brand in mood support and sleep supplements, announced with Biostrap Labs the results of a scientific study that measured the impact of Natural Vitality CALM Magnesium supplements on stress levels, sleep quality, and physiological function.
Study results found that over the 4-week usage period, the 65 enrolled participants reported a 15% decrease in perceived stress over an entire day. Of the 46 survey respondents, 55% reported immediate positive effects when taking Natural Vitality CALM, and 24% reported lasting positive effects.

When measured with Biostrap’s clinically reliable wrist-worn device, there was a statistically significant improvement in total sleep time and deep sleep across all participants. The largest sleep improvements were observed by “bad” sleepers (participants with low baseline Sleep Scores) who saw a nearly 4x increase in total sleep time and deep sleep vs “good sleepers” (participants with high baseline Sleep Scores). Specifically, “bad sleepers” increased total sleep time by 9 minutes and increased deep sleep by 6 minutes vs “good sleepers,” both of which are statistically significant improvements.

“We’ve been hearing anecdotally from our loyal customers for decades that they ‘can’t live without CALM’, says Russell Hayne, PhD, Senior Scientist at Natural Vitality, adding “We wanted to dive deep and obtain scientific evidence that measures the efficacy of our unique magnesium supplements.”

Magnesium is a critical mineral in our diet and plays an important role in over 300 physiological functions. However, 75% of American adults are deficient in the mineral, so supplementation is often recommended.

Using the Biostrap wrist-worn device, researchers measured relevant biometrics, such as resting heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, as well as sleep duration and time spent in deep sleep, a highly restorative phase of sleep.

“We wanted high-quality data, and we looked at all of the HRV wearable devices on the market,” says Haynes. “In our opinion, Biostrap is by far the most impressive because it has been clinically proven and validated by its performance in numerous published research studies.”

“Natural Vitality CALM was a product that made perfect sense to test through Biostrap Labs,” says Kerry Martin, PhD, Director of Science at Biostrap. “Many people turn to magnesium for the calming and sleep-related benefits, but oftentimes, there is doubt about whether a product works or not. This process provided data for what changes consumers may expect when taking this product.”

Martin adds that in the supplement industry, there are a lot of claims about what effects can be seen, but these claims are often built on assumptions and theory. “This process gives companies like Natural Vitality the ability to point to data that is directly due to their product.”

About the Study

The eight-week structured intervention commercial trial consisted of a two-week baseline phase of 65 participants wearing the Biostrap EVO clinically validated wrist-worn device and responding to a daily morning questionnaire. This was followed by a four-week intervention phase of continued sleep monitoring and questionnaires along with a nightly serving of the CALM magnesium supplement. The study was then wrapped up with a two-week washout phase, when participants stopped taking the supplement but continued to wear the Biostrap during sleep and fill out the morning surveys.

The team at Biostrap was responsible for participant recruitment, compliance monitoring, study protocol development, data aggregation and analysis. Upon completion of the study, the science team at Biostrap performed a thorough, unbiased, and objective analysis of the participants’ de-identified data and applied a scientific method to conclude their findings.


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