A New Era of Leadership

Empowering Pharmacy Innovation: Meet the Visionaries Leading the Charge


The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada (Neighbourhood Pharmacies) is embarking on a transformative journey with the announcement of its newly elected Board of Directors. Effective January 2024, under a refreshed governance model, this distinguished group of industry leaders is set to steer the Association towards unprecedented growth and innovation.

The introduction of a new governance model marks a significant milestone for Neighbourhood Pharmacies. This evolution in leadership structure is designed to enhance decision-making processes, ensuring that the Association remains at the forefront of the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Meet the Board:
The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada is proud to introduce our newly elected Board of Directors, a team of esteemed professionals committed to leading the association into a new era of excellence:

Karl Frank – Bayshore Specialty Rx: With a strong background in specialty pharmacy services, Karl brings invaluable expertise in patient-centered care and innovative healthcare solutions.
Chris Dalseg – BioScript Solutions: Chris’s leadership in pharmacy solutions and his forward-thinking approach to healthcare services will drive the association towards cutting-edge advancements.
Renée St-Jean – Innomar Strategies Inc. (Cencora): Renée’s extensive experience in pharmaceutical strategies and patient access programs will enhance the association’s focus on patient care and access.
Rita Winn – Lovell Drugs Limited/ Neighbourly Pharmacy: As a past Board Chair and a current director at Lovell Drugs Limited, Rita’s insights into community pharmacy and her vision for growth are invaluable.
Smita Patil – McKesson Canada: Smita’s expertise in pharmaceutical distribution and healthcare management will play a crucial role in strengthening the association’s supply chain and operational efficiencies.
Marie-Claude Vézina – METRO Inc.: As the new Board Chair, Marie-Claude’s leadership and commitment to advancing pharmacy’s role in Canada are pivotal to the association’s mission and future initiatives.
Sherif Guorgui – OnPharm-United: Sherif’s experience in pharmacy networks and his advocacy for pharmacy professionals will enrich the association’s community engagement and professional development efforts.
Jon Johnson – Pharmacy Brands Canada: Jon brings a wealth of knowledge in pharmacy branding and marketing, essential for raising awareness and promoting the association’s initiatives.
Jeff Boutilier – Rexall Pharmacy Group ULC: Jeff’s leadership in retail pharmacy operations and customer service excellence will guide the association in enhancing pharmacy accessibility and consumer satisfaction.
Bev Herczegh – Sentrex Health Solutions: With Bev’s expertise in health solutions and patient care, the Board gains a valuable perspective on integrating innovative health services.
Jim Johnston – Sobeys National Pharmacy Group: Jim’s strategic vision for national pharmacy services and community health will support the association’s goals of expanding pharmacy’s impact across Canada.
Adesh Vora – SRx Health Solutions: Adesh’s background in specialized health solutions and pharmacy innovation will contribute to the association’s focus on adopting cutting-edge technologies and services.

This diverse group of leaders, each bringing their unique expertise in operations, management, innovation, technology, insurance, supply chain, and government relations, is well-positioned to steer the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada towards a future marked by growth, innovation, and enhanced community service.
Vision and Mission

New Board Chair, Marie-Claude Vézina, expressed her honor in leading such a distinguished group of professionals. “I am committed to advancing the mission of Neighbourhood Pharmacies and enhancing the role of pharmacy across Canada,” she stated. This vision is shared by all board members, who are dedicated to fostering innovation and improving healthcare delivery for communities nationwide.

Reflecting on Progress

Rita Winn, the past Board Chair, reflected on the evolution of the Board and the adoption of the new governance model. “This progressive approach signifies the next phase of Neighbourhood Pharmacies’ growth, enabling efficient and inclusive decision making,” she remarked. This sentiment underscores the Association’s commitment to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Looking Ahead

Sandra Hanna, Chief Executive Officer of Neighbourhood Pharmacies, expressed enthusiasm for the impact of the new Board. “With the wealth of experience and perspectives represented by our new Board Members, I am excited about the innovative strategies and initiatives they will champion to better serve our members and the communities they support,” she said.

The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada stands on the brink of a new era, with a Board of Directors ready to lead the charge in advancing pharmacy’s role in healthcare. As we look forward to the innovative strategies and initiatives that will emerge, the Association remains committed to serving its members and enhancing community health across Canada.


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