Merchandising Brain Supplements in Grocery Stores


Brain health supplements are growing in popularity as consumers become more aware of the importance of taking care of their brain health. Grocery stores are ideal places to sell these products due to high foot traffic and high visibility. When marketing brain health supplements at the grocery store, it’s important to consider several key factors.

In-store Location

The first step in marketing brain health supplements in the grocery store is identifying the best locations. This should be a highly visible and easily accessible location to customers. Ideally, the location should be near the cash register or near the store entrance. This will help grab the attention of customers and make it easier for them to find the product.


After choosing a location, the next step is to create a display for your brain supplements. It is important to choose a visually appealing display that stands out from other products in the store. Consider using layered displays to create focal points and make it easy for customers to see different products. Also, be sure to post a sign that clearly identifies the product as a “brain health supplement.”

Financial support

To further entice customers to purchase brain health supplements, consider using promotional materials. This can include signs, flyers, and even digital ads on social media. Consider offering discounts, samples, or other incentives to entice customers to purchase products. Additionally, you can create special displays for specific products to draw attention to them.

Product information

It is also important to provide customers with detailed information about the product. This should include product descriptions, ingredients and directions for use. Consider providing a brochure or other material that includes this information and an FAQ section. This helps customers to make informed decisions when buying a product.


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