Revitalizing Community Pharmacy: McKesson ideaShare 2024 Takes Center Stage in New Orleans

Empowering Pharmacies, Enriching Communities


In the heart of New Orleans, a city celebrated for its vibrant spirit and resilience, the community pharmacy industry is poised for a gathering. McKesson ideaShare 2024, set from June 23 to 26, embodies the community spirit, offering a platform for pharmacists to unite, share, and grow stronger together.

Strengthening Pharmacy’s Heartbeat

Community pharmacies serve as the frontline of healthcare, providing personalized care and vital medical insights. As Scott Miller, president of Strategic, Community, and Specialized Pharmacy at McKesson, notes, “New Orleans is known for its strength and resilience as is our community pharmacy industry.” This year’s ideaShare is a testament to that resilience, offering a space to celebrate achievements and confront challenges head-on.

Event Highlights

Attendees of McKesson ideaShare 2024 can look forward to an enriching schedule packed with educational sessions, networking opportunities, and hands-on exhibit experiences. The event will spotlight the crucial role pharmacists play in enhancing health outcomes and will be punctuated by the celebration of the Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year. The grand finale? A closing concert featuring none other than Harry Connick, Jr.

Prioritizing Profitability

Understanding the unique financial hurdles faced by pharmacies, ideaShare 2024 has strategically reduced admission costs. This initiative ensures that more pharmacy professionals can access invaluable resources and strategies to bolster their bottom lines, especially through a profitability session designed to navigate financial challenges.

Empowering Through Education

With over 30 continuing education courses, ideaShare is a treasure trove of knowledge. These sessions, led by seasoned pharmacists and pharmacy owners, cover essential topics from reimbursement strategies to advocating for the pharmacy profession. Participants stand to gain up to 11 credit hours of evidence-based education, equipping them with skills to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Innovation and Solutions

This year’s conference is set to introduce groundbreaking tools and solutions aimed at enhancing pharmacy performance. Highlights include Foster & Thrive’s aluminum drug packaging, promoting sustainability, and the Health Mart Marketing Edge platform, designed to boost store visibility and competitive advantage.

Generics Rebate Program

An exclusive generics rebate program offers attendees up to a 2% rebate on generics, demonstrating McKesson’s commitment to supporting independent pharmacies. Early registration unlocks additional benefits, underscoring the importance of timely participation.

About McKesson Corporation

As a diversified healthcare services leader, McKesson Corporation plays a pivotal role in advancing health outcomes across the board. From partnering with biopharma companies to supporting pharmacies, McKesson’s contributions are far-reaching, ensuring quality care remains accessible and affordable.

Health Mart: A Closer Look

Health Mart stands out as the fastest-growing independent pharmacy franchise in the nation. Known for personalized care and comprehensive support, Health Mart pharmacists are pivotal in managing patient health and navigating medication complexities.

As the industry faces new challenges and opportunities, ideaShare offers a unique platform for growth, learning, and celebration, all within the spirited city of New Orleans.


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