Lycored Launches New Lumenato® Delivery Format

Lycored Expands Lumenato Line with New Emulsion Format for Enhanced Skincare Solutions


This will be Lycored’s latest addition to their lineup of delivery formats for this ingestible skincare ingredient, providing Consumer Packaged Goods companies with expanded formulation opportunities.

Lumenato is made of phytonutrients, like phytoene and phytofluene, and essential fatty acids that build a reservoir of goodness within the body; working from inside of the body out to support skin structure and protect collagen for improved elasticity, firmness, and more.1,2 This new liquid emulsion expands brands’ opportunities to leverage the versatile benefits of Lumenato in new applications, including liquid and shot-style beverages, such as wellness shots.

Backed by science and formulated with results and functionality in mind, Lumenato Emulsion brings Lycored’s customers a free-flowing format that leaves no visible particles and can be handled with ease. To assess Lumenato emulsion’s performance over time, a 9-month shelf-life stability study helped determine the active’s presence by measuring levels of carotenoids, phytoene and phytofluene, while stability was determined by evaluating beverage color. Results established it as a reliable, shelf-stable format that effectively supports beauty from within for consumers. Whether used stand-alone or paired with other ingredients like collagen and ceramides for synergistic effects, Lumenato presents diverse opportunities for brands in the growing wellness beverage category.

Lumenato comes in two other formulations: Lumenato Starch Beadlets, used for gummies, dry beverages, and capsules, and Lumenato Extract, used for soft gels, nutritional bars, chocolates, and ice cream. Caroline Schroeder, Global Head of Marketing, states, “Lumenato is a star skincare ingredient that strengthens skin from the inside out, supporting beauty from within. With our latest Lumenato emulsion delivery format, brands can develop more nourishing, top-of-the-line, and shelf-stable products to draw in and delight their consumers.”


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