Live from Expo West: IHR Magazine Celebrates Innovation and Connections

Unveiling the Future: Innovations and Inspirations from Expo West 2024


As Expo West is already in full swing, the energy and enthusiasm here are nothing short of infectious. The IHR Magazine team is on the ground, soaking up every moment of this dynamic event that kicked off yesterday. We’re here, live and in person, ready to into the heart of the industry.

There’s a special kind of joy in reuniting with old friends and the excitement of making new ones, especially in an environment as vibrant and forward-thinking as Expo West.

Our mission at IHR Magazine has always been to bridge the gap between emerging health trends and our readers. That’s why we’re particularly thrilled to share our latest venture with you: the IHR Magazine Express concept. This new initiative is designed to bring you instant updates, insights, and in an eco friendly way.

For those who’ve joined us in Anaheim, you know firsthand the buzz of anticipation that fills the air, the promise of discovering your next big product, and the invaluable opportunity to learn from and connect with other professionals who share your passion for natural and organic products. For our readers following from afar, we’re here to bring that experience to you, through real-time insights and comprehensive coverage of the innovations and inspirations that are shaping our industry’s future.

A huge shoutout and congratulations are in order for the 2024 Natural Products Expo West Pitch Slam Winner, Painterland Sisters! Their dedication to regenerative organic farming practices is not only admirable but a beacon of hope and direction for the industry. Their vibrant spirit and commitment shone brightly on stage, capturing the hearts and minds of all in attendance. It’s innovations and commitments like theirs that remind us of the importance of our collective mission: to foster a healthier, more sustainable world through natural and organic products.

As we continue to navigate through the myriad of exhibits, presentations, and networking opportunities, our excitement only grows. The future of the natural and organic products industry is bright, and being part of this event reaffirms our commitment to bringing you the very best of what’s out there.


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