Kaneka and PURICA to launch exclusive new Probiotic collaboration in Canada



PURICA is delighted to announce an exclusive new collaboration with Kaneka — a global leader in probiotics — to deliver to Canadians the health benefits of more than 1,000 different, wild-type strains strategically sourced from rural areas isolated from modern lifestyle and amenities. Kaneka’s grant of Canadian exclusivity covers the specialty, health food segment for the following products: Floradapt Digest, Intensive GI, Cardio and Mature Immune Defense formulations.

“We’re extremely energized by the confidence, trust and respect the PURICA and Kaneka families have placed in one another on the strength of this unique, exclusive effort in the specialty segment, and we can’t wait to get started working with Kaneka to offer optimal strains with specific health benefits in areas such as cardiovascular, immune, digestive and intensive gastrointestinal support,” said Jason Watkin, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Formulator for PURICA, a leading wellness company now in its 21st year of serving Canadians with natural health solutions.

Watkin lauded the reputation that Kaneka has around the world, most notably its best-of-class standards in research, strategic focus and scientifically proven probiotic formulations.

“Kaneka has been at the forefront of developing novel probiotic solutions for a variety of health applications utilizing innovative mechanisms of action (MoA), and our new teamwork with PURICA will only allow us to be stronger together and help more people in Canada,” said Mike Kolifrath, Vice-President of the Kaneka Probiotics Division. “We couldn’t find a more natural, well-respected partner and one that fully aligns with our emphasis on science, including our unique process of developing clinically-tested probiotic formulations and the most diverse, functional microbiome possible.”


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