iHerb Joins Forces with Dr. Oz: A Global Health and Wellness Initiative


iHerb, a premier global eCommerce platform for health and wellness, proudly unveils its collaboration with Dr. Mehmet Oz as its Global Advisor. With his rich history as a cardiac surgeon, renowned author, and TV personality, Dr. Oz is set to guide individuals globally in achieving their health aspirations. This includes enlightening them and eliminating obstacles, whether societal or otherwise, concerning the access and use of top-tier health products like vitamins, supplements, skin therapies, and nutritious edibles.

Emun Zabihi, iHerb’s CEO, expressed, “Our alliance with Dr. Oz stems from a mutual vision that health and wellness are universal entitlements, achievable through empathy and united efforts. As a brand offering over 40,000 elite health products to countless patrons across 180+ nations, our influence and proficiency position us to uplift many, driving significant, impactful change globally. We’re ecstatic to welcome Dr. Oz to the iHerb family in this noble endeavor.”

Dr. Oz, a fervent champion of holistic health and wellness, has over the years underscored the significance of authenticating the origin and effectiveness of health commodities. He’s been a vocal critic of deceptive supplements. “Empowering individuals to take their health reins and lead enriched lives has been my enduring pledge,” Dr. Oz remarked. “iHerb, as the top online hub for trusted health items, aligns with my vision. Together, we aim to forge bonds with consumers desiring reliable, cost-effective health management solutions. iHerb’s dedication to excellence, safety, and openness is pioneering global benchmarks for value-centric health products.”

Established in 1996 in California, iHerb now boasts an elite assortment of health, beauty, personal care, and grocery products, catering to over 10 million loyal customers globally in 16 dialects. The brand distinguishes itself by offering unmatched value, a seamless shopping journey, and ensuring every item is securely housed in iHerb’s state-of-the-art, climate-regulated fulfillment hubs.



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