Homeopathic Medicine: Positive Changes on the horizon in Canada

Homeopathic Medicine: Positive Changes on the horizon in Canada

In the homeopathic medicine industry, great strides are being taken in Canada to help Canadians better understand the benefits of treatments.

According to Daniel Dereser, CEO of Boiron Canada, homeopathy is at a curving point where positive things are happening.

“The great thing that is now happening is the creation of the Canadian National Homeopathy Association,” Dereser says. “All the provinces, which have their own homeopathy associations, will now be joined as one. The provinces have decided to combine their efforts to create one national association.”

“There is a rising awareness of homeopathy happening nationwide and worldwide,” he continues. “Health care professionals, especially family physicians and nurses, are embracing integrative medicines more and more. Consumers are looking for high quality and reliable natural health products when it comes to treatment options for themselves and their family members. Homeopathic medicines fulfil this important demand.”

Dereser also says a consumer organization has been created in order to help Canadians defend homeopathy. The organization will be called “Four Homeopathy.”

“They are set up and have a website,” Dereser continues. “It’s important because finally there is a consumer voice with this organization in Canada for homeopathy. This is great because the industry needs a voice on all levels, including the political level. And, Canadians need to be informed about the benefits of homeopathy.”

Dereser also notes that a social media campaign will also be launched called “Homeopathy Works For Me.” The campaign, which was started in the UK, which the Canadian version will be modelled after, had over 160,000 followers. The association wants to duplicate that in Canada.


—by Toni-Marie Ippolito

About Boiron Canada:

Boiron is a French-based global leader in homeopathic medicine. Our laboratory operations are rooted in a proud family tradition and guided by a passion for excellence in homeopathy. Boiron Canada was established in 1988 in order to better cater to the needs of Canadian health care professionals and patients who chose homeopathic care.

Located in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Boiron Canada’s main office was designed by architects Patrice Gamache and o. Its inspiration was derived from the very values we call our own: innovation and sophistication, discipline and passion, and performance and pleasure.




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