HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre


In this Clinic Profile, IHP is pleased to present the HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre. HealthSource is run by Dr. Michael Reid, ND and Dr. Som Thammasouk, ND. This husband and wife couple met in Naturopathic College. They started practicing together in a rehabilitation clinic, but their practices outgrew the space. They eventually purchased and moved their practices into a custom-built house that was designed and originally built specifically to be a medical office. They formed HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre at the end of 2011. Dr. Reid also works part-time with Dr. Anello, MD, who is also featured in this issue of IHP. HealthSource now runs the second largest IV practice (Dr. Anello having the largest) in the Waterloo region and service approximately 100 patient visits a week. This clinic positions itself in the market as an integrative medical centre, where they bridge the gap between conventional and naturopathic medicine.


The end result is that the community recognizes them as a location where both integrative care and naturopathic care can be obtained. They receive many referrals from other practitioners in the KitchenerWaterloo area, including complex and difficult cases.

The full clinic team consists of the two Naturopathic Doctors, a Registered Practical Nurse, a Registered Massage Therapist, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and an Office Manager.
The 2000 square foot clinic consists of six treatment rooms, one IV room, a preparatory IV/ lab room. The clinic
provides on-site parking for patients. As a highly advanced centre, HealthSource utilizes numerous assessment tools. They do all blood draws directly in the clinic and local labs pick-up the samples. They developed their own
panel of bloodwork with a laboratory and were able to offer it at a reduced rate that consists of nutrients, hormones, inflammatory markers and chemistry. Other common tests run at the centre include tumour markers,
food intolerances, candida yeast testing, plasma amino acids, saliva hormones, and heavy metal testing. They utilize
GDL, Doctor’s Data, Great Plains Lab, Rocky Mountain Analytical, Spectracell, Igenex, and Lifelabs. Their more advanced in-office testing includes arterial stiffness assessment to gage the risk of heart disease, live blood
cell analysis/dark field microscopy, and bio-impedence analysis to assess body composition. Dr. Reid believes many
patients see great results because of the clinical application of the functional markers. Their patients don’t simply
focus on a reference range. For this reason, almost every patient will get some degree of lab work immediately at
the start of their care.


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