GETDOWN with the new Hypertension Management app

GETDOWN with the new Hypertension Management app

Servier Canada, in collaboration with Hypertension Canada, is proud to launch the GETDOWNBP Hypertension Management mobile app.

The launch of the GETDOWNBP mobile app will offer members of the GETDOWNBP online social network, as well as new members who wish to join, a new way to engage and help them prevent or control their high blood pressure (hypertension). The arrival of the app is a key step that completes a series of launch initiatives for the GETDOWNBP awareness campaign, which have recently been rolled out across Canada.

“The GETDOWNBP campaign, including the launch of the app, represents an opportunity to increase awareness around hypertension, as well as support patients in the management of their condition, and GETDOWNBP is directly in line with Servier’s commitment to place the patient at the heart of all its actions,” stated Frederic Fasano, the CEO of Servier Canada.

The objective of the GETDOWNBP campaign is to raise awareness about hypertension and build a community that will be able to discuss and share success stories about controlling or preventing this condition. This app also features a series of easy, fun and rewarding activities that are done daily, and provides positive communication and recognition for the efforts made in order to achieve these goals. The tagline for this campaign is, Lowering your blood pressure has never felt so good!”

“We are especially proud of our collaboration with Hypertension Canada, the producer of Canada’s clinical practice guidelines for hypertension management,” said Fasano.

Canadians are encouraged to measure their blood pressure at participating pharmacies across Canada, and to know their numbers as the first step in hypertension prevention and control. “When not controlled, hypertension can lead to serious chronic and deadly conditions like dementia, heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease,” Angelique Berg, CEO of Hypertension Canada explained. “Hypertension is highly sensitive to lifestyle changes and medications but it takes work, and that is why we are thrilled to support the GETDOWNBP campaign, which shares the know-how and provides encouragement for Canadians to get their high blood pressure down for lifelong health.”

Canadians can join the community by visiting,where they can also access more information concerning hypertension, and learn about associated risks as well as ways to help manage it.


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