Else Nutrition Receives Favorable Regulatory Assessment Ahead of U.S. Market Launch



ELSE NUTRITION, a developer of plant-based alternatives to dairy-based baby nutrition, announced it has received a favourable regulatory assessment of its toddler formula ingredients from EAS Consulting Group which conducted a preliminary review of the Else formula in view of FDA requirements. 

With vast, global expertise in regulatory approvals and specialty in FDA requirements, EAS has unique experience and capability pertaining to the introduction of food, drinks and new infant formulas.

“The EAS Infant Formula Team has confirmed that Else toddler formula intended to be marketed in the U.S. meets the regulatory requirements for general food as required for a toddler formula,” stated Dr. Fabiana Bar-Yoseph, Else’s Director of Clinical Development, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs. She added, “This regulatory validation marks a significant step as we look to bring a nutritious, plant-based toddler formula to the U.S. market.”


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