Effective Psoriasis Treatment

Effective Psoriasis Treatment

Herpanacine Provides Psoriasis Relief

I’ve suffered from psoriasis for most of my adult life. It would reach a point where I’d run to the dermatologist for something topical, but it never worked, the outbreak always came back. Thankfully it was localized on my scalp, so you couldn’t see that I had a skin problem, but I knew it was there. It itched all the time and I was always embarrassed. Most mornings I would wake up with blood under my fingernails from scratching in my sleep. It was severe and painful.

Five years ago, my psoriasis spread to my face. It was all around my mouth—and it wouldn’t go away! That is when a friend of mine put a bottle of Herpanacine in my hand and said, “Just try it… give it a few months, you won’t regret it.” Skeptical but desperate, I gave it a try. After several weeks, my face was completely clear, even those pesky breakouts I got from stress, or hormonal imbalance, were gone!

My scalp took quite a bit longer, but I stayed with it. From May until August I continued to take the

maximum dose, three in the morning and three in the afternoon, and wait. I’m sure my skin cleared much more quickly than I realized, but when I finally did take notice that I was no longer scratching, I was thrilled!

Once my skin was clear, I ran out and bought shampoo: a non-medicated, lovely smelling shampoo! I was concerned my psoriasis would come back, but it didn’t happen. I continue to use any shampoo, conditioner and hair product now and my scalp stays clear.

I will take Herpanacine for the rest of my life. My skin is clear and continues to look better with each dose, it improved the tone and texture of my skin. I’m also healthier because of the benefits it has on my immune system. Stress and chocolate are two triggers for skin outbreaks and since I can’t seem to get away from either, I really need to continue taking Herpanacine.

Meredith S. of Los Angeles, CA


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