Burlington Health Foods moves to a new location

Burlington Health Foods moves to a new location

Burlington Health Foods, a family owned and operated health store, is moving to a new location. The store, established in 1970, was Burlington’s first health food store.

The new store, located at 3300 Fairview Street in Burlington, is just one street over from its current site, yet better situated next to an athletic business, says Michael Stetson, assistant manager and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

“Our new location will benefit us in several different ways: Our operating costs will be greatly reduced, allowing us to re-invest into other areas of the business,” says Stetson. “The new location is nearly move-in-ready, with offices for our clinic already constructed. As the new location is less than 100 metres away from our current store, our customers will not have to travel far, reducing lost traffic.” The company feels now is the correct time to move in order to change direction for the store and will allow clients to have their needs better met at the new facility. The move includes the integration of a natural health clinic into the business. “We will continue to serve our existing clients who are primarily baby boomers and seniors, however as our business model will change, we expect to serve more young families and professionals seeking specialized care from our clinic,” says Stetson. In addition to the clinic, the store features in-store demonstrations and customer appreciation days four times a year. It also features a lending library of over 400 health titles and offers free education seminars from local health practitioners.

Burlington Health Foods offers a wide selection of nutritional supplements, gluten-free products, homeopathic remedies, personal care products, athletic supplements, bulk organic food and groceries. It is a member of the Health First Network, a Canadian association of independent health food stores that bring top-quality products to consumers at reasonable prices. The Health First Network manufactures its own line of vitamins and supplements at a certified Good Manufacturing Practices-approved facility, a federal government standard for natural health products.


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