Akshay Kumar has joined Ilevel Management

Akshay Kumar has joined Ilevel Management as the new Office and Sales Data Administrator.



Akshay has a shared passion for administration, marketing, sales and hospitality throughout his career. He is a graduate of Humber College, where he secured an advanced diploma in Mechanical Engineering. During his studies, he joined the events and food services team at Humber and coordinated a multitude of events with 1000+ attendees. Having a keen eye for hospitality and customer service, he acquired an opportunity to work at the CN Tower, where he connected with people from around the globe. Upon graduation, he joined a startup business and managed their administration, advertising and marketing handles while constantly adapting to new developments made to the business. Outside the office, he is a hobbyist photographer with a piqued interest in street and landscape photography. His personal goal is to lead a life that is sustainable and leave a minimal carbon footprint.


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