À Fleur de Vie

Celebrating 37 years of Health and Community!


Located in the Sherbrooke province of Quebec, a university city with over 40,000 students, Sherbrooke ranks 20th among Canadian cities with a population density of 212,000. Sherbrooke is nearly a two-hour drive from beautiful Montreal and for a community of this size, it’s health food store offerings are impressive; with eight natural health food/supplements stores in the region.

With such a density of health food stores, our mission is to respond to the specific needs of our community and to offer the capacity, originality, creativity, and vision to offer outstanding service to our clients. At Fleur de Vie we aim to provide much more to our clients than simply offering us a competitive price. Our mission is to provide a deep understanding of our client’s needs and to be able to offer judicious advice that can help make a real difference in the lives of our clients. Our clients return to us because of the quality of service they receive and the results they experience when following our advice on their health needs.

Lucie Bisson, the visionary founder of the famous A Fleur De Vie, has been established in the Sherbrooke community for almost 40 years. She purchased the business in 1985, at a time when there were very few natural health products on the market. Shortly after, Lucie’s brother Sylvain Bisson joined A Fleur De Vie and placed an emphasis on providing therapeutic advice to clients. This quickly established customer loyalty where clients appreciated a close approach to their health needs and where products could be catered to them specifically.   

Sylvain came to be known as the man who could provide answers to complicated health questions and concerns, even to other practitioners; and Émilie Belleville has a Bachelors Degree in biology and a degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Her role at A Fleur De Vie has been placing projects into action! Today A Fleur De Vie is running with this successful trio serving the community.

The move
In March 2017, A Fleur De Vie moved to a larger location to be able to accommodate a larger inventory of products and be able to provide customers with even more opportunity to come to A Fleur De Vie for advice on their health needs.

The new store offers 2000 square feet with private areas to provide clients with consultations. The second floor boasts offices, consultation rooms, and a conference room.

Despite the increase of several health stores in recent years, A Fleur De Vie remains a local institution that is a staple in Sherbrooke, proving that taking a deep interest in clients’ needs leads to loyalty, integrity, and success. Bravo on 40 years well served!


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