Amazon took over Whole Foods Market and prices dropped

Amazon took over Whole Foods Market and prices dropped

On Monday, Whole Foods Market started offering lower prices as Amazon took to the shelves—slashing prices up to 43 per cent. The price reductions were indicated with orange signs showing the combined effort between Whole Foods and Amazon, advertising that their initial price drops are “just the beginning” and that there is “more to come.”

With the new and affordable Amazon price tag, Hass avocadoes dropped from $2.50 each to $1.49 each, Atlantic salmon and tilapia fillets saw a price decrease of 33 per cent, and New York strip steaks also took a plunge in price, dropping from $18.99 per pound to $13.99.

Along with a significant price cut to a list of organic products such as Whole Trade bananas, animal welfare-rated 85% lean ground beef, and organic Fuji apples, Amazon Prime is said to be the customer rewards program for the Whole Foods Market, where members will receive more savings and additional in-store benefits.

In addition to a significant reduction in food prices, Amazon also put up a display of tech devices in select stores, specifically the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot voice-controlled devices, that were also marked down and available for purchase.

The future of grocery shopping looks affordable and convenient as Amazon continues to find ways to slash prices, offering a Whole Foods pick up station in select stores for customers using, while retaining the quality of the Whole Foods brand.

“We will lower Whole Foods prices without compromising product quality,” said head of Amazon Worldwide Consumer Jeff Wilke.


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