Sleep Equals Success: Quebec’s Proactive Approach to Boosting Children’s Academic Performance


As the back-to-school season approaches, a groundbreaking survey by Dormez-vous reveals the measures Quebec parents are taking to ensure their children’s sleep quality. With insights from the Canadian Mental Health Association, this study highlights the profound effects of sleep on a child’s mental health and academic prowess. Read on to discover how Quebec is setting a benchmark in championing sleep health.

The Vital Connection: Sleep, Mental Wellbeing, and Academic Excellence
Everyone knows sleep is crucial. But for children, its impact extends beyond just feeling rested. It plays a pivotal role in their physical, emotional, and mental health, directly influencing their academic achievements.

Voices from the Experts: Margaret Eaton on the Role of Restorative Sleep
Margaret Eaton, National CEO of the Canadian Mental Health Association, emphasizes, “Studies have shown that sufficient sleep protects mental health in adolescents and enhances academic performance. Restorative sleep in children improves brain function, development, working memory, and emotional regulation.”

Quebec Leads the Way: Parents’ Active Measures for Sleep Hygiene
The good news? Most Quebec parents are ahead of the curve. According to the Dormez-vous survey, conducted by Leger, a whopping 82% believe their children are getting ample sleep, surpassing the national average of 77%. This achievement is attributed to two main actions: promoting a consistent bedtime routine and ensuring a comfortable sleep environment.

The Recipe for a Good Night’s Sleep: Key Insights from the Survey
Bedtime routines are a cornerstone of good sleep hygiene. 77% of Quebec parents report their children adhere to a set routine. This commitment to sleep is further evidenced by the fact that nearly nine out of ten Quebec children have their own room, with parents emphasizing the importance of a comfortable sleep space. Parents also prioritize creating optimal sleep conditions, such as a dark, cool, and quiet room (49%), ensuring their child sleeps in their own bed (44%), and establishing a calming bedtime routine (43%).

Dormez-vous’ Pledge: A $100,000 Commitment to Youth Mental Health
Recognizing the integral role of sleep in child development, Dormez-vous is donating $100,000 to CMHA’s Campus Peer Support Program. This donation underscores their commitment to awakening Quebecers to the power of sleep and will directly benefit youth at post-secondary campuses across the province.

Setting the Stage for a Successful School Year: Tips and Recommendations
As children gear up for the academic year, it’s paramount for parents to foster healthy sleep habits. The benefits are manifold: increased energy (80%), enhanced focus in school (71%), waking up in a positive mood (68%), reduced stress (60%), and improved academic performance (59%). For those children not getting enough sleep, the culprits are often staying up too late (51%), inconsistent bedtimes (39%), and excessive screen time (32%).

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