Shoppers Drug Mart Launches Innovative Pharmacy Care Clinic in Edmonton’s Pilot Sound


A New Era of Accessible Healthcare Services

Shoppers Drug Mart has taken a bold step in transforming healthcare accessibility with the inauguration of its new Pharmacy Care Clinic in Pilot Sound, Edmonton. Located strategically at 5351 167 Avenue NW, this clinic is poised to revolutionize the way Albertans receive healthcare services.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Tailored Services for Common Ailments

The clinic is not just a pharmacy but a complete healthcare destination, offering assessments and treatments for injuries and everyday health issues like urinary tract infections and pink eye. This integration of services ensures that patients receive holistic care in a single, convenient location.

Redesigned Spaces for Enhanced Patient Experience

The clinic and pharmacy spaces have been meticulously redesigned with the patient’s comfort in mind. Features include:

  • Streamlined Prescription Services: A single counter handles all prescription-related activities, streamlining the process from drop-off to payment.
  • Personalized Care Concierge: A dedicated concierge ensures each clinic visit is smooth and tailored to individual needs.
  • Family-Friendly Consultation Rooms: Spaces designed to accommodate families with children, ensuring comfort for all ages.
  • Private “Let’s Talk” Areas: Confidential spaces for in-depth counselling and discussions.

Pharmacists at the Forefront of Patient Care

Expanding the Role of Pharmacists in Alberta

In Alberta, pharmacists have an expanded scope of practice, allowing them to not only dispense medications but also assess and prescribe for minor illnesses, administer vaccines, and support chronic disease management. This clinic exemplifies the potential of pharmacists to significantly contribute to the healthcare system.

The Impact of Shoppers Drug Mart’s Clinics

Building on Success

Following the success of its clinics in Alberta and Ontario, where pharmacists are attending to an average of 30 patients daily, the Pilot Sound clinic is set to continue this trend of excellence and patient care.

A Commitment to Innovation and Collaboration

Jeff Leger, President of Shoppers Drug Mart, emphasizes the need for innovative solutions in addressing the complexities of the Canadian healthcare system. “Pharmacists are a crucial part of the healthcare equation,” Leger states. “Our new clinic in Pilot Sound is a testament to our commitment to making healthcare more accessible for every Albertan.”

Visit the New Clinic

The Pharmacy Care Clinic in Pilot Sound is now open and ready to welcome patients. Experience the future of pharmacy healthcare services and enjoy the benefits of a patient-centric approach to wellness.

For more information and to schedule your visit, head to the Shoppers Drug Mart at 5351 167 Avenue NW, Edmonton.


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