How Retail Maverick is expanding digital reach for retailers

How Retail Maverick is expanding digital reach for retailers

Retail Maverick is a marketing agency that has created an innovative program that delivers a unique opportunity to the retail industry. Their company offers a state of the art advertising network that broadcast promotions and sales to their brick-and-mortar landlords. Retail Maverick’s networks have over 350 shopping centres in Canada, making it the perfect middleman for individual retailers and shopping malls.

The concept for Retail Mavericks fills a gap in the industry. When branches of chain retailers are having sales they are advised to do so from their corporate headquarters. Though many customers may be aware of these sales, the malls may have next to no knowledge of upcoming promotions, this can be detrimental since the malls marketing department may not be capable of hosting such huge events.

The idea behind Retail Mavericks is a simple one: get the word of sales and upcoming promotions from the merchants to their landlords through every digital median possible. By publishing the promotions directly to the malls, Retail Maverick is able to extend its reach to every retail center website and their social media. This is all designed to maximize customer awareness and leverage SEO. This will divert and drive the traffic to the brick-and-mortar stores themselves.

The retail experience that Retail Mavericks offers is not finished when the sale items have been published. Retail Mavericks also delivers post-operational research by creating detailed reports. These documents were made with the intention to itemize the breakdown in digital reach, how the message was sent and received to the consumer, and how service can be improved for the next promotional event.

Through their services, they are getting better ROI than comparable Google Adwords and Facebook Ad campaigns.

With all of their success Retail Maverick has since needed to expand their advertising as well as their digital reach into staffing and HR for the retail sector. This service is also used to advertise jobs within the shopping malls.

The success of Retail Maverick in such a short period of time is a testament to their innovation and the merging of technology and networking.


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