Purity Life Acquires Indigo Natural Foods Assets to Expand Distribution Network




Purity Life Expands Natural Health Products Distribution with Indigo Acquisition

Purity Life is thrilled to announce the strategic acquisition of Indigo Natural Foods Inc., a key player in Toronto’s natural health market since 1996. This acquisition not only broadens our portfolio with dozens of new brands but also fortifies our relationships with existing ones, signifying a major leap in our distribution capabilities.


Strategic Acquisition Marks a New Era for Purity Life and Indigo Partners

The addition of Indigo’s assets represents a new chapter for both companies. With this move, Purity Life reaffirms its commitment to the industry and continues to build upon a legacy of excellence in distributing Health and beauty, Supplements, and Dry Food products.


Purity Life Welcomes Indigo Personnel for a Seamless Business Transition

To maintain continuity and high standards of service, Purity Life is excited to welcome Melissa Schlegel and Emily Douglas from Indigo. Their expertise will be instrumental in ensuring that the transition honours the longstanding relationships with Indigo’s customers and vendors.

Purity Life’s President & CEO, Matthew James, highlights the significance of this transition, reflecting on the journey with John Anthony, a pioneer in the industry. John Anthony, Founder of Indigo, expresses his trust in Purity Life, acknowledging their shared history and strong focus on health food stores.

This transaction is more than a growth opportunity; it’s a reinforcement of our #EasyToDoBusinessWith philosophy. We’ve dedicated significant effort to ensure a smooth integration process that upholds the quality and service our partners expect.

As Purity Life moves forward, we are excited to strengthen our service offerings and continue providing the highest quality of care to our customers and vendors. Stay tuned for further updates on how this acquisition will positively impact our service and product range.

Discover more about Purity Life’s expanded distribution network and our dedication to quality in the natural health products industry on our website.


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