Mota Ventures takeover of Manufacturer of Natural Psilocybin Extracts


Mota Venture a leading e-commerce provider of CBD products to consumers in the United States and Europe, is pleased to announce the completion of its’ Cdn$20,000,000 acquisition (the “Transaction“) of all of the outstanding share capital of Verrian Ontario Ltd. (“Verrian“) effective June 1, 2020. Verrian is an established and well advanced European psychedelic medicine company that is focused on delivering and developing products related to addiction reduction, with a focus on alcohol and opiates.

Ryan Hoggan, CEO of the Company stated, “The massive shift towards psychedelic derived medicines is no longer in doubt and this acquisition sends a strong signal to the market that Mota Ventures intends to be a serious participant this coming decade. Unlike some companies that use psychedelics as a marketing term, this acquisition of Verrian brings Mota market-ready products, world-renowned addiction medicine experts, R&D facilities and a 110,000 square foot facility to make it happen. In my opinion, this is the most complete psychedelic asset on the market, and therefore should immediately make Mota a market leader in the space.”

Hoggan further added, “In 2020, we have proven our e-commerce ability to acquire tens of thousands of customers and generate millions of dollars in monthly revenues from CBD sales. We intend to bring that same market expertise to bear with our psychedelics business in 2020 and far beyond.”


The market for psychedelic derived medicines and therapies is estimated to be as high as USD$100 Billion*. Over the past decade, growing societal awareness and acceptance of mental disorders and addiction as real diseases has accelerated the push for new and innovative treatments using psychedelics, including psilocybin.

As a result, psychedelic research published back in the 50s and 60s has resurfaced and once again highlighted their curative properties. Moreover, the recent legalization of Cannabis in Canada, as well as, across 33 US states for medicinal purposes, has significantly mitigated any stigma, leading to accelerated interest and investment in the psychedelics industry.

Verrian has already developed two psilocybin products that are natural psilocybin extracts, from organically cultivated mushrooms, combined with metabolism-enhancing natural herbs. This is only the beginning with further products in various stages of development.


Verrian owns and operates a 110,000 square foot pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Radebuel, Germany. Operations within this full suite pharmaceutical manufacturing site include analytical laboratory and finished dose manufacturing, which exceeds all international quality standards. The facility and equipment of Verrian have been independently appraised at Cdn$10,600,000 and include an analytical laboratory and full pharmaceutical manufacturing suite.

Verrian operates three distinct business segments:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – A portfolio of medical & wellness products
  • Phyto API – API creation from medical plants
  • Analytical Testing – European Medicine Agency Standards


Verrian’s singular focus is to rewiring the mind to overcome addiction through natural medicine. Specifically, the micro-dosing of psilocybin demonstrates the potential to remove the dopamine reward of addictive substances, potentially diminishing the desire for addictive substances, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for the addictive substance.

To date, Verrian has developed two psilocybin products: PSI GEN and PSI GEN+. These Psilocybin products are focused on opiate addiction reduction. As natural psilocybin extracts, from organically cultivated mushrooms, combined with metabolism-enhancing natural herbs, they are ideal for individuals commencing micro-dosing and capable of being combined with additional anti-addiction therapies.

All of Verrian’s compounds are derived from organic, glyphosate free naturally occurring plants, grown specifically for its own purposes.


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