METRO eliminates single-use plastic shopping bags in all its food stores and pharmacies



All METRO’s food and pharmacy banners will stop offering single-use plastic shopping bags this September 1. This decision supports the objective of METRO’s 2022-2026 Corporate Responsibility Plan to reduce overpackaging and single-use plastic.
“Our ambition is to optimize our packaging and printed materials by reducing their use, relying on optimal design, choosing environmentally responsible materials and facilitating their recovery and recycling; these are the principles on which is based our Packaging and Printed Materials Management Policy, which METRO published in 2019”, commented Marie-Claude Bacon, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications. “With a network of some 950 food stores and 650 drugstores, the elimination of single-use plastic shopping bags will prevent the circulation of more than 330 million of these bags annually.”

Since the early 2010s, METRO has completed numerous packaging and printed optimization initiatives and will continue to work towards achieving its Policy targets.

For more information on METRO’s corporate responsibility (CR) approach and achievements, visit or consult its 2022-2026 Corporate Responsibility Plan.


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