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Dr. Edward Group is one of those people who – one suspects – could speak eloquently and at length on just about any topic. But when it comes to alternative healthcare, he’s not just knowledgable – he is downright sagelike. Would you expect any less from the founder of the Global Healing Centre Inc., writer of four books and popular speaker on the topics of cleansing and detoxification?


He’s 47 years old, a fact you wouldn’t guess after experiencing even a few minutes of his seemingly boundless energy and vitality. He is a living testament to the efficacy of his passion for finding ways to live a healthy lifestyle in a toxin-free environment.


He firmly believes that the toxins in our guts that create such unrest and unhealthiness can cause just as much havoc with other major organs – like our brains.


While some may think his extrapolations border on the paranoid, investigation will show that there is a solid bedrock of truth underlying all of his observations.


“One of the biggest problems we have is determining what causes mental illness,” Group cuts directly to the heart of the matter. “It’s not like a cancer or liver disease. There’s nothing we can use, like blood or urine or skin or x-rays anything that can pinpoint – or make any kind of accurate diagnosis of mental illness.” He agrees that mental illness stems from a chemical imbalance, but he’s one of the few who has given adequate thought to the causes and sources of that phenomenon and explanations for the incredible proliferation of mental illness diagnoses in the 21st century.


“If you look back at the mad hatter or you look back in history, all that imbalance was caused by some form of chemical or toxin or heavy metal coming into the system through the intestinal lining and going into the blood. One of the reasons we have so many mental illnesses today is because we have over 80,000 chemicals in the food and water supply, we have excitotoxins, we are literally bathed in chemicals all day long, through the air that we breath, the beverages we consume, the tap water that we drink, so many things are made with that water – every single restaurant cooks with it. But instead of focusing on things like cleaning up the environment and not feeding our children genetically modified food – we’re just creating more chemicals.”


On his blog, Dr. Group shares a fascinating video called The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs which looks back chillingly on the historic connection between the psychiatric profession and the increasing prevalence of mental illness. The first edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) used as a handbook in the psychiatric field, came out in 1952 and contained 106 mental illnesses. The most recent volume, the DSM 5, has over 400 mental illnesses listed. What the DSMs created was an easy tool to diagnose mental illness.

94% of all people who go into a psychiatrists office end up leaving with a prescription. And there’s actually in DSM 4 they name a condition that if you leave a psychiatrists office without a prescription, you can be diagnosed with mental illness.

Every mental illness defined provides “the perfect opportunity to pharmaceutical companies to be able to prescribe massive amounts for pharmaceuticals,” says Group. “We gave them permission to create customers from ages one and up. At the last world psychiatric conference they are now saying they would like to diagnose during pregnancy and diagnose the children in the mothers womb for mental illness.”

“It’s all done by design,” he says. Less by the government than the “high level individuals who pretty much run the world – the pharmaceutical, the giant agricultural and the oil and gas industries – it’s really a conglomerate of industries that are setting out to create mental illness, so they can come on the back end to prescribe a medication not to ever cure you but only to put you on multiple medications for life.”


Group explains that “one of the main ingredients actually in psychotropic drugs like Prolixin, Haldol and Stelazine is fluoride which has been used since the WWI era. One of the things that fluoride was used for that most people don’t know about was to calcify the pineal gland. And the pineal gland is really where the metaphysical side is – and the spiritual people call it the third eye. I’ve done a lot of research – tracing back the addition of fluoride not only in psychotropic drugs but the addition of fluoride in the water system – which has basically been used to calm people down and make them non-motivated. The whole vision is to create a society that is dulled down, that is easily controllable – and that relies on medications.”


He sees a huge ecological loop – a mutated circle of life where “all these prescription medications are being excreted back into the eco systems, having effects on fish, on the environment. “You have people that aren’t even on psychotropic medications that are getting them in their water supply. I think there was a study that came out over in Europe years ago that said that drinking one gallon of tapwater was the equivalent of taking one prozac.”


“Nobody can tell you the reaction and the effect of two prescription drugs let alone three or four prescription drugs at the same time. “ But it’s happening all the time.


“What really scares me about the whole thing is the attack on the children. We’re seeing children as young as four attempting suicide. And five year olds that have actually committed suicide. The brain is not fully functional at that age. These kids are exposed to plastics, endocrine disrupting chemicals, that when mixed with things like aluminum and the compounds with the psychotropic medications it can cause massive changes in the brain. We’re getting reports of children between six and ten slaughtering the family pets and not even realizing what they’re doing. That alone is sickening and if every single one of these school killers that are going into these schools and blowing up and killing everybody. Every single one of them was on some form of psychiatric medication and it’s completely changed their mindset.


“You may be born with a really good connection to God, but these psychtropic drugs literally pull you away from yourself. And the real question is how many geniuses are being destroyed every single day. If you look at Einstein or Tesla or any of the geniuses. They weren’t normal children.


“If you just check the ADHD medication for example – that’s really nothing more than speed! According to the official lists of potential side effects, these drugs can cause psychotic and manic behaviour – so you’re trying to address behavioural problems by giving them something that can cause behavioural problems and depression! What happens then? They put them on anti-depressants, because you really only have the three big ones which are the anti-psychotics, the anti-depressants and the ADHD medications. Then they move on to the anti-psychotic medications, which of course can actually cause psychotic and manic behaviour, plus diabetes, obesity, convulsions, suicidal tendencies. Everybody is being drugged up and nobody is actually addressing the cause of the problems.


‘When you’re looking for natural solutions – you need to address it at the root cause of the problem. What we tell people to do is go through your house and eliminate all the chemicals that you consume; including the phytotoxins like MSG, artifical sweeteners – and the genetically modified food. We recommend gluten-free foods, because gluten is connected with different kinds of mental illness. We have people completely go to organic foods, which eliminates all the pesticides and insecticides and whatnot.


Really, it’s cleansing themselves and cleansing their environment. Believe it or not – when you trace mood swings or anything like that – most of it starts in the intestinal tract.


In his blog, Group states that “About 90 per cent of serotonin is found in the intestinal tract, and roughly five to ten per cent in the brain. In fact, a healthy intestinal tract may correlate with healthy levels of serotonin, a monoamine neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood. Around one trillion bacteria live in the gut and around 100 million neurons also reside in the intestines, blasting the myth that our neural health is influenced only by the brain. Really, when it comes down to it, keeping the entire body healthy is the only way to maintain a proper mood balance.


“You should increase your intake of probiotic food and then acupuncture and massage, can provide really beneficial results. Sleep, believe it or not, has a lot to do with mental illness. So make sure you’re getting 8 hours of sleep and just try to relax a little more.”



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