Kroger implements price-reduction program

Kroger implements price-reduction program

Cincinnati-based grocery chain Kroger announced price reductions on 10,000 items, investing millions of dollars to ensure prices are dropped in stores. The price cuts started being implemented on June 11 and have continued over the following weeks. The products with newly reduced costs were chosen based on customer demand so that all customers benefit from the reductions. The retailer released a statement that the price-reduction “includes a significant number of lower prices in produce, natural foods and organics, reinforcing a rapid increase in natural foods sales over the last decade.”

“With the economic downturn in 2008, the Kroger Co. responded by reducing prices throughout our stores, benefiting both our customers and associates,” says Kroger spokesman Tim McGurk. “We continue to leverage our scale as one of the largest retailers in the world to work with suppliers to reduce costs, and in turn pass those savings along to our customers.”


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