Intolerant Uses Digestive Enzymes to Manage Starch and Sucrose Intolerance



Intoleran has a reputation as a company that enables people to enjoy food again. This comes from the Dutch health brand’s range of digestive enzyme products, which help its customers manage food intolerances.

Unlike a food allergy — which is a reaction of the body’s immune system — food intolerances are a purely digestional affair. They occur when the body cannot create enough of a particular digestive enzyme to break down the food that an individual consumes. In the case of starch and sucrose intolerance, the body doesn’t create enough of the enzyme sucrase-isomaltase. This typically comes from a condition known as congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (CSID).

There are multiple ways to address a lack of enzymes to break down starch and sucrose. The first recommendation by dieticians — including those at Intoleran — is to adjust an individual’s diet. However, both sucrose and starch are prevalent in modern foods, which can make an effective diet challenging.

“If you suffer from an intolerance, you need to adjust your diet first,” says Intoleran owner Harmen Treep, “However, there are many occasions where you don’t know what you’re eating. That’s when starchway can be a lifesaver.”

Intoleran’s starchway supplement was uniquely designed to address starch and sucrose digestional deficiencies. The product contains the enzymes Glucoamylase and Invertase and has been specially formulated to help the body break down stubborn starches and sucrose.

As with all of Intoleran’s supplements, starchway is clean, uses minimal ingredients, avoids unnecessary additives, and is vegan. It’s a high-quality supplement designed to help individuals manage pesky intolerances and restore an ability to truly enjoy their food again — even when they don’t have control over every detail of what they’re eating.


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