Garden of Life Brings Three Times the Digestive Power With New Triple Action Dr. Formulated Probiotics



“We learn more every day about the complexity of our gut microbiome and how it affects our overall health,” said Brian Ray, president of Garden of Life. “Our innovative triple-action formula provides the comprehensive gut support that’s so critical to our well-being in order to empower extraordinary health.”

The line of products couldn’t come at a better time as many Americans look to establish more normalcy in life, yet their stomachs may be keeping them from their regular routines. New data1 from Garden of Life reveals nearly all Americans (89%) report digestive issues are keeping them from feeling their best, and for one in three people, the problem is so extreme they say it has a huge impact on their life. But Americans are taking action to improve their digestion, as more than 2 in 5 Americans (44%) report taking supplements over the last 12 months in hopes of improving their gut health.

What’s Inside the Triple-Action Blend
The Garden of Life team worked collaboratively with David Perlmutter, M.D. – the actual doctor behind “Dr. Formulated” products – to create this exclusive triple action blend. As a distinguished fellow of the American College of Nutrition and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Perlmutter is often referred to as “America’s Brain Health Expert.”

The specially formulated triple-action blend helps build and maintain a healthy gut biome. By combining prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, the elements of the triple-action formula work together to help weed out negative bacteria from the gut, add good bacteria, and give nourishment to help the balanced microbiome flourish.

Prebiotic: Built from carbohydrates that humans can’t digest, prebiotic fibre serves as an important food source for our gut bacteria to grow and reproduce. The proprietary PreforPro® prebiotic from Garden of Life is effective and fast-acting in a smaller dose, so it doesn’t cause the gas or bloating that other higher-dose prebiotics can cause.

Probiotic: With up to 18 different strains in each formulation, the probiotics included in the line are clinically studied, highly diverse and highly potent, designed to make an impact and support specific conditions.
Postbiotic: Supernatant can be considered an upcycled byproduct from the probiotic fermentation process. This postbiotic addition to the blend is rich in enzymes, acids, proteins, peptides and vitamins, and preliminary studies confirm it makes probiotics even more powerful.
The Full Triple Action Collection
With six varieties, the Triple Action Dr. Formulated Probiotics line is designed to have an option for everyone. And to promote health for both people and the planet, the line is also Non-GMO Project Verified and certified carbon neutral.

• Probiotics 30 Billion: Designed to be a probiotic that fits most people’s needs, this small-capsule probiotic is built for everyday wellness.
• Probiotics 100 Billion: This extra-strength formula is designed for those who may need a bit of extra support, whether they’ve had a poor diet recently or are seasoned probiotic users.
• Probiotics Immune†: With 14 probiotic strains, zinc and vitamin D3, this formula is designed to help support both the immune system and digestive health.
Probiotics Women’s pH: Formulated with vaginal health in mind, this probiotic includes specific strains that have been shown to support a healthy vaginal pH and promote yeast and bacterial balance.†
• Probiotics Gas & Bloating†: Designed for those whose digestive system may need a bit more attention, the probiotic strains and pre- and post-biotic blends all work together to effectively promote regularity and support digestive comfort.
• Probiotics Calm†: Evidence suggests that the microbiome influences the molecules our brain releases, hinting at the direct connection between the gut and the brain. This formula includes probiotic strains aimed at supporting mood and relaxation, with the added benefit of organic ashwagandha, which clinical studies show improves stress responses.

Also Introducing: Dr. Formulated Pre + Probiotic Gummies
In addition to the Triple Action line, Garden of Life is also introducing two new gummy Dr. Formulated Probiotics options for both children and adults. Formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and D3, these gummies balance great taste with high potency, offering multiple probiotic strains and a high CFU count at 10 billion for adults and 5 billion for children.


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