A Family Company That Cares

A Family Company That Cares

Being a family company, their adult children work in different capacities of the business

Twenty-seven years ago, Dr. Wayne Diamond, a Philadelphia Naturopathic Physician and Psychotherapist in full-time private practice, completed the research and development of a revolutionary formula to combat skin conditions and keep his patients healthy from head to toe.

Dr. Diamond worked successfully with over 150 patients who were suffering from various skin eruptions including all forms of acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, herpes, cold sores, canker sores, shingles and more. Thanks to his knowledge and expertise in natural medicine, this formula—Herpanacine Skin Support—started to change lives. The benefits and results were nothing short of astounding!

Herpanacine Skin Support System was the first product to be shared by Dr. Diamond and Leslie Anne Diamond via their new company, Diamond Herpanacine of PA, Inc. It was always clear to the Diamonds that this incredible formula was to be marketed to natural health food stores and never through mass market. It remains their policy to this day.

Using only the finest quality non-GMO, gluten and allergen free ingredients continues to be of upmost importance. Being a family company, their adult children work in different capacities of the business to this day and both Jay and Debbie have been extremely essential in helping to run the business from the beginning.

In keeping with the family’s strong concern for our fragile environment and climate crisis, Diamond Herpanacine uses recyclable bottles, caps, shipping materials and all other materials wherever possible. Respecting and protecting our Earth is of immense importance to the family and part of the mission in doing business.

Of course, customer service is also an extremely important factor and the team at Diamond Herpanacine work diligently to make sure that each customer’s needs are taken care of every day. Customers are often surprised when they reach a human being, not a machine, when calling the office with questions or to share the many testimonials that the company receives daily.

Studies show that Herpanacine Skin Support helps to overcome unsightly and painful chronic eruptions—with a focus on prevention. It starts working internally, where it counts, on day one. Herpanacine has been used safely and effectively by men and women worldwide—from babies to boomers—since its inception in 1990. Thrilled clients even give Herpanacine Skin Support to dogs and cats suffering from skin issues like mange and hotspots.

Dr. Diamond’s vast knowledge of natural medicine led him to combine 12 powerful natural ingredients in the award-winning Herpanacine Skin Support System. Due to his total understanding of the root causes of skin conditions, he was able to ensure that the formula had the desired benefits and results, targeting all the triggers of an outbreak.

Herpanacine Skin brings the toxins out, cleanses the skin layers, blood and the liver, balances bodily chemistry, pH levels and the nervous system, and most importantly builds the immune system to prevent skin conditions and other illnesses before they can start.

The 12 ingredients in this multi-award winning formula are work synergistically to assure clear, beautiful, outbreak-free skin with this unique formula. It is respected and loved around the world, including in Canada where after the completion of Health Canada’s application process, Herpanacine Skin Support earned an NPN number, making it available in health food stores throughout Northern America.


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