Dr. Bill Rawls Announces Launch of Cellular Wellness Conversation Series



Dr. Bill Rawls, the Medical Director for online holistic health company Vital Plan, announced today the launch of a conversation series that will count down to the June 21st release of his new book: The Cellular Wellness Solution: Tap Into Your Full Health Potential with the Science-Backed Power of Herbs.
“The sheer amount of conflicting health information that people are being bombarded with is overwhelming, but the key point is actually very simple: wellness starts at the cellular level,” said Dr. Rawls. “I wrote The Cellular Wellness Solution to highlight the critical role our cells play in supporting optimal health, and our need to emphasize maintaining our cellular wellness as long as we can to keep living healthy lives as we age.”

The first topic in the Cellular Wellness Solution Conversation Series: “A Sneak Peak at The Cellular Wellness Solution” will be offered at 8PM ET/ 5PM PT on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. This first event will feature Dr. Rawls in conversation with Tim Yarborough of Vital Plan and sign-up is free to all attendees. This webinar will:

• Demystify the science and explains in plain English how our cells function, age, and deteriorate;
• Explain how maintaining cellular wellness allows you to slow down the aging process – and increase your energy so you feel better, and even look younger;
Show how to get off the hamster wheel of health fads and harness the natural cleansing and restorative powers of your own cells;
• Help viewers understand the healing and restorative properties found in herbs – properties confirmed by the most up to date science and discoveries;
Provide easy-to-follow natural solutions and steps we can take to protect our own cells – and our health.

“Our entire healthcare system has gravitated towards prescribing drugs to treat and block underlying symptoms, while not giving people options to take control of their own health,” said Rawls. “While prescription drugs are not long-term solutions, the unique properties of herbs promote healing at the cellular level, giving them a unique power to reduce the incidence of all chronic illnesses, slow aging, and boost performance.”


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