Canadian BY’s Apitherapy Niagara Honey Surpasses Manuka Honey in Therapeutic Potency




BY’s Apitherapy and Wellness Center is the first Canadian clinical based Apitherapy facility dedicated to natural products and treatments from the Honey Bee. Bee products such as propolis, pollen, bee venom, and royal jelly have been used effectively for Women’s and Men’s Health for more than 1000 years for a variety of health concerns.

For over a millennium, bee-derived products like propolis, pollen, bee venom, and royal jelly have been used in both men’s and women’s health treatments to address various health issues. Until recently, Manuka Honey was considered to have superior therapeutic qualities due to its high hydrogen peroxide and pH levels.
However, BY’s innovative research has revealed that their Niagara honey exhibits stronger antibacterial properties, attributable to its increased acidity, osmotic effect, antioxidant content, and hydrogen peroxide concentration. These findings position BY’s Apitherapy honey as the new gold standard in natural health remedies.
Niagara based BY’s Apitherapy and Wellness Center has now been documented to have the strongest formulation for therapeutic advantages for naturally produced honey. The strongest and most effective formula for positive healthcare was the proprietary Immune Boost™ Honey from BY’s Apitherapy product line which includes all the bee products noted including Turmeric and Garlic in a raw unpasteurized Honey base.


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