Award-winning products focus on quality, convenience and health


Based on the results of this year’s Product of the Year competition, Canadians are looking for healthier, higher-quality and more convenient food and beverage options. Canada’s Product of the Year awards surveyed more than 5900 Canadians from across the country for their opinions on consumer products launched in the past 18 months. Products, both retail and those available online, were evaluated on innovative design, function or packaging in 17 categories. This year’s food and beverage winners were: Asana Yogurt, Black Diamond Funcheez Marbelicious, Campbell’s Créations Soups, Fontaine Santé Humm! Hummus Cocktail, Molson Canadian 67, Maple Leaf Natural Selections Deli Meats, Riceworks Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps, High Liner Signature Southern Style Cod, and the Singleton of Glendullan Scotch. Winners are entitled to use Product of the Year branding and logo on packaging, advertising and point-of-sale materials. “Recognizing a seal of approval that has the endorsement of thousands of other Canadians is a shortcut that helps shoppers move on to more important decisions,” notes Sandie Orlando, executive program director for Product of the Year. “Consumers told us they want products that make it easier to live better without compromising on quality.”


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