Australian review calls for ban on homeopathic products


A new review out of Australia suggests that pharmacies should be banned from selling homeopathic products. The study, known as the interim King review, was led by economist Professor Stephen King.

According to the document, homeopathic products pose “unacceptable” risks to patients. The report disputes the safety of homeopathic products, suggesting that instead, they pose a risk to patients who may choose them over conventional treatment.

Specifically, the review cites a 2015 NHMRC assessment, which noted that there were no health conditions for which evidence supported homeopathic treatments. The report also raised concerns about the methods behind the sale of these products.

“Clearly, community pharmacists can play a valuable role in advising consumers on the potential health benefits or dangers of using complementary medicines,” says the document. “[But we remain] concerned that consumers may be misled about the value of complementary medicines in the absence of appropriate evidence-based advice at the point of sale.”

Ultimately, the report suggested that complementary medicines be separated from allopathic remedies, as well as banning them from being displayed behind the counter.

While this is an Australian report, Canadian medical professionals have been known to express issues with the use of homeopathic medication. As members of the natural health industry, it is necessary for all of us to educate and inform consumers and allopathic supporters about the benefits of homeopathy.


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