Apollo Accelerates the Movement Towards Alternative Antibacterial Formulas


Triclosan is the most common antimicrobial active ingredient found in antibacterial soap and many other antibacterial personal care and household chemical products. Triclosan is accepted by Health Canada and the FDA as safe and effective. However, recent studies have indicated adverse effects from the use of Triclosan. Triclosan is not biodegradable, it bio-accumulates, and has been shown to break down into perilous carcinogens in the presence of chlorine and UV.

Apollo Health and Beauty Care, a leader in sustainability and environmental progress, acknowledges the undesirable qualities of Triclosan and that next generation antibacterial active ingredients are needed as alternatives to Triclosan.

Challenge accepted!

Apollo forged a syllabus of Triclosan-free Antibacterial Soaps and Body Washes over four years ago, based upon Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) technology. BZK is biodegradable, non-toxic and is not a skin sensitizer (chemical that causes allergic reaction) and is free of any carcinogenic pathways.

As with all new and improved programs, the cost of the change was rigid at the time and tough to assume by our customers and consumers alike.

Apollo persevered and through strategic sourcing and innovative product development over the past two years Apollo now presents Triclosan-free antibacterial alternative BZK at a sufficiently effective value to yield wide acceptance in the marketplace.

Richard Wachsberg, Chairman of Apollo, states, “Over a successful year of full scale production and customer-wide availability, Apollo has created industry awareness of this effective alternative and our Customers now ask specifically for our new proprietary formulas. We now endeavor to completely eliminate the use of Triclosan in all our products.”



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